Answer The Public Review 2022 (Updated)

December 1, 2022
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Answer The Public Review 2022

This is a definitive guide of answer the public keyword research tool. In this review blog you will learn why should you use this tool as well as it’s features, pros, cons and many more. so, without wasting your precious time let’s get started.


Is Answer The Public SEO tool the right choice for you? What are experts’ opinions about this search listening tool? Is it useful?

These questions can be confusing when you need marketing, research, SEO, and other important routine work tools. So, your worries can disappear if you follow this review of mine.

I have used this tool for brand awareness, content strategies, and SEO requirements without any complications. And trust me, I got the best results ever! It is one of the best tools you can ever use to grow your business activities in this online era. It has solid features, help centers, and other important things to work jointly to expand your activities.

In simple words, if you need a tool that completes your needs for SEO, consumer research, public relations, and content marketing, this tool is the best pick.

I am giving you an honest and complete review from my side as I personally use this powerful tool. So, let’s start our journey.

What Is Answer The Public?

answer the public

Although it works like a keyword-searching tool, this tool has everything an organization wants to spread its activities. NP Digital created it to let you complete your keyword search for different purposes and can help you connect public sentiments. This is completely helpful for marketing purposes.

Just imagine how convenient it will be if you know about your audience’s sentiments and their most used keywords. This is beneficial for creating your content more easily and adding those keywords to reach audiences.

See, this is just an example, and your excitement level increased to this extent. So, it is useful for multiple organizations for their routine tasks and helps them grow.

Likewise, this will help you get the most updated queries from people around the world and provide endless questions related to the keyword.

These days more than five thousand companies are using Answer the public for their routine tasks. In the same way, over twenty thousand companies carry forward their tasks with this tool every month. It shows the potent trustability of the tool.

How Does Answer The Public Works?

It is an all-rounder and works seamlessly for all your tasks. You will get three trials a day, out of which one is completely free to search for your queries. But you must register yourself on the site for the remaining two trials. This way, you can easily use this tool for your queries.

However, I feel that we need to dig deep to understand the complete working procedure of the tool. It will help you create your content strategies according to your business type. My personal opinion about this tool changed when I saw a few working steps for SEO strategies.

I] Get Your Desired Queries

SEO-friendly content marketing doesn’t need your overconfidence to complete your keyword research. This way, you might indirectly impose your personal bias on your consumers, whom you don’t even meet!

In short, the buyer’s persona is of immense value. It will help you with the perfect identity of the person or consumer you are looking for with the help of their aims, personal attributes, difficulties, and other vital things. This way, you will start understanding the actual situation related to them on relevant topics.

It will show you exactly what you need for your SEO marketing. Similarly, you can enjoy the freedom of choice to take your desired query or data from Answer the public.

 II] Choose According To Your Subject

In this step, you must identify terms that connect with your buyer persona. However, think wisely before you take terms. Ensure that the terms must be related to the topics your readers are interested in or need help in. Not to mention that these terms must have the potential to connect them to you.

This way, you will surely get specific and most searched terms for your targeted subject. Sometimes, you may get terms that are indirectly related to your subjects. At this point, you can choose them, considering the close factor that directly takes you to your topic.

 III] Getting Long-Tail Keywords

Answer the public long tail keyword

Here, you will find multiple long-tail keywords for your subjects. Therefore, you need to find the number of people who often search for them. In addition to that, ensure that you pick some productive and competitive terms from Answer The Public.

These long tail keywords are divided into three types; 1) Highly Searched, 2) Avg. Searched, and 3) Lowest Searched. So as per your business needs, you can take them.

IV] Keywords Analysis With Answer The Public

Here you have to do an analysis of the keywords to choose the best keywords for your business. For your convenience, keywords are divided into five categories; 1) Questions, 2) Prepositions, 3) Comparisons, 4) Alphabeticals, and 5) Related.

You must check all the categories one by one and then curate all the essential keywords for your business.

 V] Get Massive Results

Though the long-tail keyword is vital, you can rely on this Answer The Public tool to make your content title, copy, and imagery as creative as your mind. You can search for multiple ideas and decorate them according to your choice.

Your content marketing strategies can touch the sky level with this toolSo, once you finish these above steps, remember to watch the entire impact of your efforts because it is important. You must monitor them for the best performance.

So, what do you think about this? Isn’t it great for your organization? I have given you the complete procedure of how it works.

Speaking precisely again, if you want a tool for most of your organizational works, like public relations and content marketing, it is the best choice you can rely on.

Why Use Answer The Public?

Mainly it is practical for the four most important tasks of the organizations, as I said before. So, let’s understand the tool’s use cases for different uses.

I] SEO Use Case

It works like a search listening tool when it comes to the SEO use case. With this, you can easily collect important queries already searched on google for a particular subject.

In a similar manner, you will collect the exact query when you search with the Voice Search and Voice Assistant options on the tool. That means you can enjoy complete liberty on this tool to search for your SEO tools.

Despite that, the SEO teams can use it for their multiple tasks:

  • To find content gaps and use tools to answer multiple questions.
  • Attracts organic traffic by spotting different niches and appealing keywords.
  • Discovering multiple keyword queries in a faster and more efficient way to create content more appealingly.
  • Creates content according to google updates and helps you reach a maximum audience.
  • It helps to develop a dominating content strategy to get more traffic on your sites.

In short, your content can get more value once you combine it with the Answer The Public tool for SEO uses.

II] Content Marketing

This search listening tool for your content marketing is ideal as it works tremendously well for your needs. With this, you can easily explore multiple questions and problems most folks searched for.

The following are essential points for a content marketing expert to use this tool.

  • It will open up endless content ideas by finding the most interesting topics the audience searches for.
  • It provides a content calendar that never goes out of stock for different words.
  • Get multiple search queries and questions.
  • It helps you curate easy and interesting readable content for your audiences and increase organic searches.
  • Keep your competitors out of the race by providing you with complete on-page optimization.

It means that the content marketing team could spend most of their time making their content more appealing.

III] Consumer Research

Finding the best search listening tool for consumer research teams takes a lot of work. Therefore, I want to introduce you to this one that works well according to your suitability.

Check out how Answers The Public proves an asset for you.

  • It understands your needs and provides you with insights into the common errors for your variety of topics.
  • Collects competitor’s data and shows you what people feel about them. Similarly, you are allowed to get regional variations. This will surely help you make your content more expressive.
  • You can give consumers a complete brand-building experience by analyzing what they want.
  • Helps you in product development

This way, it keeps you ahead and helps you make less effort for greater results.

IV] Public Relations

Last but not least! You can easily understand your audience’s views on different products, brands, markets, and whatnot. This will help you know what is going on in your reader’s minds. This way, you can easily plan content and strategies to connect with your audiences.

See how you can use this Answer The Public tool to make public relations for your organizations.

  • Provides complete data on how your efforts are converting into fruits.
  • Help you give answers to multiple queries of the people.
  • Let you watch the brand by setting up Search Listening Alerts.
  • Let you provide the competitor’s data.
  • The alerts will inform you about the search terms for your brands and organizations.

This is how until we understood the use cases of this search listening tool. You can easily read the points below if you want more reasons about its uses.

  • It lets you understand your public
  • Increase communication with your audiences
  • Help you obtain organic traffic, etc.

There are also other uses of this tool. You can experience them once you start using them for several organizational purposes.

Key Features Of Answer the Public Pro

1#. Endless Searches

Answer the public Endless Searches

You will enjoy unlimited daily searches for keywords around the web and sort according to your suitability. This entire keyword search will give you endless content ideas to expand your activities. That means you get them with a few clicks only without digging deep.

2#. New Suggestion Alerts

New Suggestion Alerts

It will help you provide brand insights and show you season-wise trends to keep you ahead in the game. First, you need to set Search Listening Alerts. With this, you will get a notification stating new queries are searched about a particular topic.

3#. Data Comparison

Data Comparison

20% of your daily search results differ from Google on this tool. Therefore, comparing search behaviors from time to time becomes easier than before.

4#. Organizing Folders

Organizing Folders

You can make folders and organize your terms for a particular client or project under one roof. This way, making collections of endless new searches becomes effortless. In the same way, you can easily add new searches to the existing collection, which might convert into a mixture of different searches. Thus, making folders for different searches is the most suitable option.

5#. Transfer to CSV

Transfer to CSV

Sometimes, long visualizations can trouble you, although Answer The Public provides better visualizations. Even exploring a spreadsheet can become a problematic task for you. So, transferring them into CSV is the most suitable option you can rely on. After transferring them to CSV, you can easily filter them using this pro version of the tool.

6#. Hide Option

Answer the public Hide Option

Unwanted suggestions are not good for all users. Therefore, this tool offers a hide option that helps you hide unwanted suggestions and branches. You can crop the irrelevant branches and stick with the relevant ones only. You can then easily curate the content faster.

7#. High-Res Images

High-Res Images

It becomes vital sometimes to present insights in a way that grabs the client’s attention. You can do so with this tool that allows you to represent all your research to the point. Similarly, it helps you build up an excellent content strategy by grabbing new topics on which people mostly depend.

8#. Own Workplace

Own Workplace

With this, you can painlessly create your workplace according to the size of your organization, from small to large. Here, you will get two options: work on your projects or with your teammates.

Pros Of Answer The Public

  • Excellent Tool

Undoubtedly, it has become one of the best tools that helps you in keyword research for your organization and provides you with the best for your queries. Similarly, it allows you to find better ideas to give your content an appealing approach.

  • Visualization

Whatever content you create, you can visualize it with this tool. It provides outstanding functionality that allows you to visualize your content uniquely.

  • Free Plan

It allows you to use a free plan, which has some limits, and you cannot go beyond them. However, beginners can start with this, and the best thing is that they don’t need to add credit card details to get started.

  • Data Saver

It works like a data saver because it saves valuable reports, data, and other important work you have done on this. It also means whenever you need that data, you don’t need to go back in time to create it. Data will be easily available with a few clicks.

  • Customizable & Adjustable Results

You are gifted with multiple tools that can easily help you see your data in the formats you want. You can watch your results, like in visualization, or choose any different one. You can further hide unwanted suggestions that are troubling you.

Cons Of Answer The Public

  • Mobile App

This tool is the best of both worlds but lacks in the mobile app version. The tool’s website has no complications to use on mobiles, but it doesn’t help you with the mobile app. Simply open your phone’s web browser if you want to use it on your androids or tablets. And search for the queries you want.

  • No Keyword Metrics

You can take the help of keyword metrics to know your rankings. However, this tool offers keyword metrics for content ideas only.

  • Annoying Notifications

If you use the free version, notifications are the most annoying thing you can experience on this tool. These notifications often tell you about the Pro plan. Otherwise, the tool is easy to use, and you can use it in the free version.



This content idea-finding tool helps multiple organizations of all sizes, freelancers, agencies, and teams to grow in their fields. Therefore, Answer The Public pricing is affordable that provides monthly, annual, and expert plans for everyone.

  • Monthly Plan

It is available for only $99 a month, allowing three user access. It offers sufficient search data, unlimited searches, five search listening alerts, CSV export, etc., and an education package of $248. Plus, you can easily cancel it anytime, anywhere.

  • Annual Plan

It is available at $79 a month, which saves 20% of the monthly plan and allows up to 5 user access. It also includes unlimited searches and the exclusive features of monthly plans, including an Education package of $447.

  • Expert Plan

It is available at $199 a month, which you can cancel anytime, providing unlimited user access. It includes 20 search listening alerts with all features of an annual plan and find trends for your branding. In addition, you can get an Education package of $447 only.

Top 5 Answer The Public Alternatives

In this article section, I feel that you need something more to compare. Therefore, I have researched and gathered the following alternatives for you. Take a look and pick out the best one for you.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

I have this Google Keyword Planner on number one because it allows you to choose the right keyword for your tasks. You can find the best keyword according to your choice and make your content easily readable.

Similarly, you can get the right keywords to grow your business activities worldwide within a few moments. If you are a novice, you can easily discover new keywords, research keywords, bid estimates, and make your plan accordingly. This way, your business expansion process expands its activities. Most importantly, it is absolutely free to use.

  1. SEMrush

It is the most preferred choice for an SEO tool and is trusted by 5 million users worldwide. You can easily rely on SEMrush if you want a robust SEO and competitor analysis tool.

Despite that, it offers organic research, domain-to-domain comparison, advertising research, backlink analysis, and estimated traffic of any website, and the list is quite long. All these make SEMrush a deserving nominee to grab second place in my alternatives list.

  1. Ahrefs

You can access the entire database of over 8 billion queries on Ahrefs. It is another great pick from my side to discover your keyword ideas. It is an easy-to-use tool that is completely suitable for all users and available with the free version.

It offers massive benefits to the user with its SEO metrics, keyword rankings, long-tail keywords, and competition analyzing techniques. Similarly, you can use this amazing tool to save your keyword ideas. That simply means it is the best choice for experienced as well as beginners.

  1. Moz

Moz Keyword Explorer is all about profitability! You can get profitable keywords with this tool, which allows you to find 500 million keyword suggestions. Out of them, you will get 180 million new ranking keywords that make your content more rankable.

It also allows you to find keyword queries and separate them by predictive keyword metrics. In addition, you can easily perform competitive keyword analysis to rank your content on SERPs. I like its competitive intelligence as well, which completely helps you in SEO strategies.

  1. Ubersuggest

Last but not least! Ubersuggest is one of the best tools that helps you with great strategic insights and provides keyword suggestions. It also allows you to dive deep into the world of content ideas and find the best one.

This is a famous SEO tool whose popularity is similar to Answer The Public. It allows you for keyword research, backlink data, rank tracking, site audit, competitor analysis, and whatnot. In short, it’s a complete package of unlimited advantages.


So, this was my complete opinion and a full review of this fantastic keyword search listening tool.

I hope this will help you determine whether it is a great option for you.

However, if you ask me about my overall experience and opinion, the ease of use is tremendously admirable. You don’t need to go anywhere; everything is available only with a few clicks.

Further, your mind becomes stressed if you have to make multiple decisions about your business, especially related to blogs, infographics, and others. Similarly, you will need multiple things to consider when it comes to content marketing. On top of that, ranking your content becomes more vital to connect with readers worldwide.

Therefore, I will surely recommend Answer The Public tool to give you better content ideas and keyword research. It allows you to create great content with the most ranked keywords and help you with competitor analysis. Further, you can use this tool for content marketing, public relations, SEO, and Consumer Research.

So, I hope you don’t have any questions remaining. Still, you can ask me in the comment section if you have any. I will clear your doubts as soon as I receive your comments.


Q) Does it allow me to find hidden keywords?

Ans: – Yes! Answer The Public keyword tool has the potential to find out hidden keywords related to your topics or subjects. You will see 3 billion Google searches daily! Undoubtedly, this will provide you with raw search insights and is an excellent choice for your hidden keyword finding.

Q) Should I upgrade this tool?

Ans: – Precisely, if you are unsatisfied with the limited searches and functionalities, you can move towards the paid version. However, the free version allows you 500k monthly searches. You can try paid plans if you want more keyword searches and unlimited functions with unlimited user access. Paid plans are available from $99 a month.

Q) Can I get data from this tool?

Ans: – Yes! You can easily download or export the complete keyword data using the CSV format feature in the Answer The Public tool. This feature is available for free as well as for paid users.

Q) How to change an existing Email Address on this tool?

Ans: – The process of changing your existing email address is painless.

  • First, go to the site and tap on the Account option
  • Now, choose the Change My Details option in Profile
  • Add Email Address in the email bar
  • Click on the Save button.

That’s all you need to do. After this, the tool will send the confirmation message to your new email address.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.