Whiteboard Fox: Complete Review 2022

September 21, 2022
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Whiteboard Fox


Whiteboard Fox – A utterly cloud-based solution!

Don’t you think the name is similar to the whiteboard our teachers used to write something to teach us?

Well, that’s quite a good memory of your tuition and schools.

But, the era has changed, and we have become older working in different fields, not getting chances to relive that childhood. However, a few things remain the same – Whiteboard Fox is out of them.

It is a virtual tool to draw, share, add photos, and for various tasks to complete. However, how better is it to work with this software and feel you are still a child?

I feel that using online software to complete your various work and managerial tasks is a great feeling.

It was a great experience for me when I first started using it a few months ago. So, if you want a complete solution for your managerial tasks, drawing, or hosting jobs, you can rely on this software. It will surely prove an asset for your daily routine tasks without any maintenance, making it more comfortable to use.

What Is Whiteboard Fox?

What Is Whiteboard Fox

It is an online tool for completing various managerial and educational tasks in real-time. This robust software for meetings and teachings was created by an organization called Springbok Solutions in 2014. The tool allows you to showcase your creative ideas in a virtual form.

Thus, the tool is helpful for many business organizations to make and share their ideas and other drawings in a virtual form via URLs.

Similarly, it can make your business meetings and teachings more interesting and impactful. In case something goes wrong, you can use its editing tools to fix it.

This way, a person can easily use this tool to complete their drawings and share them with others. A black canvas is also used under this to give wings to your ideas. Please share them with your colleagues through Email or URLs.

The audience can see real-time changes and updates by connecting their data. Therefore, it becomes more suitable for the hosting folks to create freehand drawings, picture embedding, replaying the videos, and hosting with this Whiteboard Fox online software.

Why Should I Use Whiteboard Fox (Benefits)

Why Should I Use Whiteboard Fox

It’s great software that helps you in meetings. However, it lacks in the case of integrating options. But you know the best part?

Although it does not support any third-party integrations, it has something better to give you different from other options similar to the Whiteboard tool.

The ease of use and freehand drawing ability can help you in various ways. You can make important plans to overtake your competitor company on the route to success and send your plans to teammates. Along with that, an employee can make rich data analytical reports using different tools involved in it.

You can easily use the colors to give your students a complete explanation about a particular math problem, theorem, speaking English tricks, etc. When you describe what they want to learn, it is so easy for them to understand. And guess what?

It will work the same way you use whiteboards in offline classes or schools. Despite that, a competitive tutor can use it for different competitive exams. 


It’s simple! You can use it as a solution to explain different types of competitive tricks in no time. And to understand your students about any trick simply and most excitingly. May I have your attention on something more interesting? 

Well, I am guessing yes! So, know that a few of these functions don’t exist on the Whiteboard Fox alternatives.

So, what do you think about this software? Isn’t that amazing to teach your students in the virtual form? Or don’t you feel that this online tool will give you a different experience? Well, please, let me know in the comment section.

Now, it is time to give you more information about this software. Let’s discuss the pros and cons in the first place.


  • It is easy-to-use software.
  • Free to use
  • It offers exciting tools to help you in meetings, teachings, and other works.
  • A simple UI is used under it.
  • It comes with tablet connectivity.
  • Instant sharing is possible through Email or URLs.


  • The save option is missing.
  • It has a limited space to use.


This online web-based application can prove an asset for your various tasks. Thus, it involves the following features to help you with more efficiency.

#1. Share

It offers a feature that lets you easily share your planning, analytical reports, drawn confidential data, and other things. You can easily share them using a URL.

#2. Dark Mode

Today, most people work late at night. Thus, Whiteboard Fox online tool offers a dark mode that does not harm your eyes, and you can work for long.

#3. Analytical Reports

With the help of analytical reports, employees or teammates can easily arrange data in the most informative manner. Also, it helps to measure the most key aspects of different organizations and do your planning.

#4. Board of Discussions

In order to conduct the virtual discussions, it offers web forums, community forums, message boards, discussion groups, etc. All these are included in the discussion board – an online application for various discussions. It makes your decision-making fast and prompt.

#5. Various Tools

It offers various collaborative tools, making your working process easier and more comfortable. Mainly, it helps to achieve the goal of at least two or more people together, helping different organizations in various matters.

#6. Task Management

Managing several tasks with this software can be easier as it has a task manager. This tool helps you efficiently manage assignments from beginning to end.

#7. Diagram Feature

When you show your content with a few diagrams, the content becomes more valuable and impressive. Thus, Whiteboard offers a diagram function to add or create diagrams according to the content to make your content valuable. Some of the Whiteboard Fox alternatives do not have this feature.

#8. Session Recording

Although you cannot save your work in this software, it allows you to record while drawing or using the applications. This way, you can create the previous drawings, diagrams, or other works again, even if you deleted them.

Whiteboard Fox Pricing

It is free to use with its free version. However, you can choose some paid plans with exciting features, such as the seven most common colors. So, the following are the pricing plans.

Firstly, A  Personal plan is free with seven colors, and the whiteboard session will expire after 14 days. However, you may find a few ads here.

Secondly, A Pro plan is available at $7 per month, offering many benefits, such as 67 colors to draw, a dark mode option, and no ads. On top of that, the expiration period will depend on your desire, which makes it a commendable plan.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan is available for $15 per user per month. However, with all the benefits of Pro plans, it offers flexible billing options for your comfort. Similarly, it comes with an option that helps you with no interruption of anonymous participants.

Note that this software updates its prices every month. So, before you buy the software service, ensure that you will check all the updated prices at once.

How to Use a Whiteboard Fox?

We must follow a few steps to use the Whiteboard fox online tool in the best possible manner. So, the following are the most suitable ways you can use it.

  • First of all, go to the official website of this software.
  • You will get a “Start Drawing” option on the home page. Click here to create what you want to draw.
  • Once you click, a tab will open showcasing a few options, such as “any participant” or “only myself.” Choose one of them and click on the “Create Whiteboard.” 
  • Following that, you will get a whiteboard with a few options like an eraser, undo, draw, etc., to create.
  • Once you are done, you can copy the URL and paste it into the Email to send to your teammates.

That’s all you have to do! After that, you can start it again to draw, move, or add a suitable picture and start providing your ideas in a better way.

Whiteboard Fox Alternatives

Whiteboard Fox Alternatives

Here are five software alternatives that work similarly and smoothen your activities.

#1. GroupMap

GroupMap is one of the best alternatives that help facilitators, conference planners, teachers, remote teams, and many others to show their ideas. Similarly, people who avoid conversations can use this software to send their ideas to their teammates, colleagues, and other folks. It captures the thinking process of an individual and helps you in the best possible manner.

It offers 14-day trials and other paid plans at affordable prices. Also, it offers you more than fifty pre-designed templates to create various designs of your choice. On top of that, it is available with a simple user interface so anyone can use it.

#2. Invision Freehand

A digital whiteboard software Invision Freehand helps your team to create their drawings in one place at the same time. Thus, it is best to collaborate with your team and plan or draw your sketches in real time. Anyone with basic knowledge can use this software. It offers an uncomplicated UX and is available in the free version. 

In short, drawing, writing, sketching, and bringing out many ideas from your brain are best. And the best part is that it offers a save option to save your notes for later.

#3. Welcome to WeBoard

If you need software with advanced drawing and the best collaborative abilities, you can choose WeBoard software. Mainly, it helps most people related to small-scale organizations, schools, and individuals to create what they desire. It is an online software created to share ideas with the people users want.

You need an internet connection to use this amazing software and create your sketches on desktops. And the best part is that you can use it with your mobile and TV devices for designing and sharing it with others. Distributed teams, managers, online tutors, leaders, and others use it according to their comfort. So you can do the same.

#4. Miro

Filled with rich features, Miro is an online software that brings every team member or project-related person together to work. It comes with the whiteboard toolkit allowing most users to write ideas and comments and build mockups & schemes. Also, preloaded templates help to make presentations and other important greetings.

Despite that, it allows you to team up and make several designs using different canvases. The free version is available, and the paid plans start from $8. However, you must check the pricing on the official website.

#5. Stormboard

For making your meetings memorable, better, and valuable, you can think of Stormboard. It allows you to set your meeting in advance to discuss several unique ideas, assign tasks, monitor progress, and perform various jobs in real time.

Similarly, it helps in the project management tasks and smoothens several business activities with built-in templates to create what you need. You can easily pay or use it for free to carry out various managerial tasks. Lastly, it is mostly used by small and middle-scale organizations, kids, and collaborative individuals to carry out their several tasks. But this software allows you to draw, write, prioritize, organize, and show your ideas differently.


You may have seen a whiteboard in the classrooms and schools. But, have you ever thought that one day it will help you in a virtual form?

Not imagined, right?

Well, this has happened in this digital era. Today, your old whiteboard is available with new features and the ability to perform various tasks in one place, and everyone calls it – Whiteboard Fox.

With this software, you can perform various managerial tasks, such as creating analytical reports, drawings, planning, daily reports, etc., in one place.

Similarly, it helps teachers to teach their students and make them more comfortable with the online era. However, it does not provide integration options, but you can share anything you create via Email.

You just need to create what is under your mind; after that, you can share it with your teammates, students, and others.

So, it’s great software available online to complete your various jobs related to an organization, teaching, or drawings. Tell me what you feel about this software in the comment section below.

Whiteboard Fox FAQs

Q. Can I use this Software for free?

Ans:- Yes! A free version can allow you to use this software for free. But choosing paid plans will definitely be worth it as it offers exciting features.

Q. What Is Better In this Software?

Ans:- It allows users to take notes, do various works, help in meetings, seminars, and much more. With the variety of features, colors, and image importing options, it has become a choice for many tutors and business employees. On top of that, the free version is available to use.

Q. How Can Whiteboard Fox Solve Your Issues?

Ans:- Most tutors or employees can use it as an option of Google Meet. Thus, you can take meetings online with the help of Whiteboard Fox software or share something confidential through its Email or URL facilities.

Q. Who Can Use this software?

Ans: – It’s a virtual software to use in meetings for drawings and other operational tasks. Thus, mainly, lower and middle-level organizations, enterprises, freelancers, non-profit organizations, teachers, tutors, etc., can use it for various purposes.

Q. Is There Any Support Available In Whiteboard Fox Online Software?

Ans:- Yes! If you are stuck in the middle of something and want help from this software, it offers the “Not Offered” option as your helping partner. It will help you to get out of that stuck as soon as possible. Similarly, it offers a training program with the help of the same option – “Not Offered.”

Hope you found it helpful. you can check our another software review blogs.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.