Appointlet Vs Schedulista: Which is The Best Appointment App?

July 15, 2022
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Introduction Of Appointlet

Here we are describing short introduction of appointlet. You can run any type of business, but using an appointment scheduler is vital in today’s era. If someone wants to take your appointment, how would the person be supposed to reach you? 

You need an app like Appointlet. By using such apps, anyone can instantly book an appointment with you, and you’ll get to know about it in advance. This way, you don’t have to face any last-minute surprises. 

Also, you can cancel or confirm the appointment as per your commitments. 

Are you still wondering why you need an appointment scheduler app? Or what are the best business appointment scheduler apps? And so so… 

So, keep reading as I’m solving your doubts one by one. 

What Is Appointment Scheduling Software?

In simple words, appointment scheduling software is a tool that helps your business to manage appointments and bookings with ease. One can keep appointments in the loop using an appointment scheduler software and plan their schedule accordingly. 

Whether you run a small business or have a big one, having an appointment scheduler will make your work a lot easier than you have ever imagined!

What Is The Use Of Appointment Scheduling Software?

If you are a business owner, you know how hard it is to manage meetings along with your commitments towards your business. However, when you use appointment scheduling software, you do not have to keep an eye on meeting schedules as the software is doing your work.

The appointment scheduler arranges every appointment for you and notifies you in advance. In case you do not have time to attend the meeting, you can cancel it or postpone it to another date. Not only does it help you automate your appointments with prospects, but it also helps you schedule within organization meetings, webinars, team schedules, client meetings, and much more.

One more thing, you can integrate all the essential tools and apps to make things even better. I’ll talk about this in-depth in the following segments. 

What Are The Factors To Consider While Picking A Perfect Appointment Scheduling Software For Any Business?

With tons of options, it becomes even more difficult to choose the best yet perfect appointment scheduling software. However, it is not a tough task if you check all the factors that you require in it. So here is the list of factors you should indeed consider while choosing the appointment scheduling software.

Customer Support

Undoubtedly, you should choose easy-to-use software, but there will be some point when you need support. For this, you need reliable customer support. 

So pick the software that has positive reviews when it comes to customer support. 

Data Protection

Data breaching has become a common scenario, and to avoid such mishaps, you should make data protection your first priority. 

While booking appointments, your software indirectly gathers highly confidential data such as payment details, client information, etc. So, you should pick the software that takes data protection very seriously. 

In short, the software you select should offer fully encrypted cloud base storage and secure servers.


Today, it is common to switch between the phone to laptop and laptop to tablet. So the software you are going to select should be compatible with all the operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Mobile App

When you are not at your desk, you want to keep updated with your appointments, so your software must have a mobile app. It will help you stay organized even when you are away from your PC/laptop.


Not everyone can afford to invest a high amount at the starting phase of their business, which is absolutely normal. Some people look for free alternatives and some are okay with paying a decent amount. 

So ensure that when you are going for a free option, the software gives the best features with all the functionalities. 

Easy To Use

Your selected software should make things simpler for you, not complicated. Plus, you are going to use it on a daily basis. So ensure your selected software has an easy and quick onboarding process.

Frequent Notifications And Alerts For Appointments

How often do your clients not show up for the meeting at a scheduled time? Well, so many times. So to avoid such a situation, many apps are available in the market that allows you to send reminders to your clients, teams, etc., via emails or SMS. This way, if the customer is unable to make it on time or wants to cancel an appointment, you can take necessary action without further delay. 

Online Advance Payment Option

Taking partial or one-fourth payment from your customers will be the best deal to avoid casual appointments. Also, customers will not take appointments lightly. So look for the online prepayments option in appointment scheduling software.

Booking Widget 

Customers who are really interested in your services will definitely make their visit to your website for the detailed information. Here, they will read reviews, testimonials, offerings, etc. 

If they are satisfied with everything, they would love to book an appointment with you for further discussion. But what if your website does not have a booking widget? You lost the potential customer!

This situation can be easily avoided if the scheduling software allows you to add a booking widget on your website. 

Google Integration

Which platform do you prefer the most when looking for any information? Without a debate – Google! So when someone searches for information related to your business, your business should be present on Google. For this, you should have signed up for Google My Business.

Well, it is just the beginning. Here comes the real scene – if the person who is looking for the exact services you are offering, he is more likely to invest in it. But how? There is no Book Now button in your Google search results. You can only do this when you are listed on Reserve with Google and your scheduling software should support the same. 

So before purchasing any scheduling software, check whether the software has an official partnership with RwG or not.

Adding Book Now Button To Social Media Handles

We all know how important Instagram and Facebook are for our business. You can be from any industry; your social media presence should replicate your brand.

I don’t know whether you are aware of this or not, but you can actually put the Book Now button on your social media business handles. This thing can only be done by the appointment scheduling software. So looking for this option will also not do any harm.

Shareable Booking Link

It is impossible to put the Book Now button on every platform where you promote your business. There you have to share the booking link to get some response from interested customers. 

Thus, select the scheduler that helps you share booking page URLs to other online communities. 

Customizable Booking Page

Who does not like to customize everything? If you are like me, you surely love to customize things your way. So, having a custom option in the scheduling software will be like icing on the cake. To make it more personalized, you can add your business logo, pictures, etc. 

Occasionally Promotional Discounts

It sounds like bargaining, but trust me, it has an impact in the long run. This strategy still works best to grab customers’ attention and your scheduling software should help you manage the same. Otherwise, it will become a hectic job applying discounts on each payment. 

Allows Essential Integrations

You are probably surrounded by many apps and tools, and adding one more to it will be like making things more complex. However, what if your scheduling software allows integration with all the essential software you are using. 

Which is the best appointment app in the market? 

Are you also searching for the same question’s answer? Well, there are so many appointment schedulers available in the market, but the two that grab my attention are Appointlet and Schedulista. You’ll get to know about them in detail from the below segments. After giving all the essential information, I’ll also tell you my personal favorite and why.  


Do you want to simplify your online scheduling experience for your customers? With Appointlets, you never have to worry about this anymore. It is extremely easy and quick to set up. As a result, they have clients worldwide. A few of them are Lincoln High School, Mendability, Cabanillas & Associates, StiboSystems, and GattiHR.

Appointlet Logo

Credit – Appointlet Facebook


Shareable Meeting Scheduling Link

Share a meeting scheduling link with the people you want. You can instantly generate a shareable link from your scheduling page to make it easier for people to book an appointment with you.

Keep An Eye On Existing Meetings

It is easy to keep yourself updated with already scheduled meetings. Within an app, you can take internal notes and filter the data with the previous data with no hustle.

Call Off Or Rearrange Meetings

Sometimes, with a heavy heart, we have to cancel or postpone things. But Appointlet makes it look absolutely professional and notifies attendees by email. 

Add Scheduling Widget To Your Website

No one can afford to lose the customer and Appointlet understands this pretty well. Appointlet provides you code generated from code snippets that can be used on your website to embed your scheduling page to your website. 

No More Last Minute Meetings

Are you fed up with last-minute booking notices? Well, Appointlet provides advanced notice for every booking you get. 

No Double Booking

It checks your schedule and calendar to avoid double or overbooking. 

Split Events Into Breaks

If the meeting or event is going longer than expected or needs time for preparation, you can add a buffer. It helps you manage things more systematically. 

Approve Or Disapprove Meetings Manually

It’s your lookout whether you want to confirm the meeting or decline it. No need to hurt customers’ sentiments as you can do this with a professional solution by Appointlet.

Professional Scheduling Experience

You can design your scheduling page the way you want, like adding your business logo, pictures, colors, greetings, etc. Plus, you can remove all the brandings related to Appointlet, giving you complete ownership of the scheduling page. 

Powerful Integrations

It allows you to integrate with almost every tool and app you use in your daily life from calendar, video conferencing, CRM & sales, browser to marketing integrations. Plus, you can add Zapier integrations to connect with your favorable app. 

Team Members Availability 

Before fixing time for meetings, one can check every team member’s status to avoid no show-up.

Set Up Round Robin

For distributing meetings equally, one can set up a round robin and assign meetings priority basis. 

Secure Your Account

Protecting your account should be your top priority, just like me? Believe me, nothing is better than Appointlet. You can make your login process more secure by using two-factor authentication.


  • Offers a free plan to use
  • Supports 3000+ integrations
  • Any business can use it, including sales, customer success, education, and HR department
  • Plans support unlimited members, meeting types, and meetings
  • Offers live chat and mail support
  • Provides video tutorial to set up an Appointlet
  • Affordable price


  • Does not offer phone support
  • At this time, they are not offering a live demo 

Device Support

Presently, it does not have any app, but works with almost every device. Basically, it is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software. 


There are three plans Appointlet is offering momentarily. One can pay it either monthly or yearly as per their budget. Appointlet pricing will definitely give you a sense of relief.

Free plan – at zero cost

Premium – $10/month, and if billed annually, it will cost you $8/month

Enterprise – You need to contact Appointlet to get the price. 

The best part is you can try premium and enterprise plans free of cost for a certain period; there is no need to attach a credit card. 

Who Can Use Appointlet?

Affordability and ease of use make Appointlet the first choice of businesses. Well, if you are not sure whether your business can use Appointlet or not, let me tell you that small to midsize businesses can easily use Appointlet. Businesses like Spa, Salon, Clinic, and Agency prefer using an Appointlet. So, if you belong to any of these business models, congrats, you got your perfect match.

Further, Appointlet plays a vital role in sales, customer success, education, and hiring and hr categories. 


Schedulista is not only software; it’s an emotion of two friends who started this venture back in 2011 in a garage. To this date, Schedulista supported thousands of clients, including companies like Amazon, Microsoft, YMCA, etc. It has started the trend of online scheduling. 


Credit – Schedulista


Customize Your Brand

Customizing had never been easier the way Schedulista offers. It allows you to customize and redesign your public scheduling page to replicate your brand. 

Embed Scheduler To Your Facebook And Website

You can add a scheduler to your website and Facebook business page to make it convenient for your customers.

Take Credit Card Payments

When a customer books an appointment, the person gets automatically charged, reducing no-shows. 

SMS/Text Reminders At Zero Cost

If customers are likely to receive reminders for their upcoming appointments, Schedulista provides an option to do so. The customer only needs to opt for this feature.

Get Notified For Every Moment

Get automatic push and email notifications when someone books or cancel an appointment. Keeping all staff members in a loop.

Add Multiple Staffs

Add multiple staff members and check out their schedules on the calendar in one place – Schedulista. 

Schedule Multiple Appointments At The Same Time

Sometimes, as business owners, we need to organize group meetings, events, workshops, and scheduling multiple appointments at the same time can become difficult. But with Schedulista, one can make multiple appointments at the same time.

Calendar Synchronization

You can have Outlook, iPhone, Android, or Google Calendar with Schedulista; you can synchronize its calendar and stay up to date. 

Send Follow-Up Emails

With automatic appointment follow-up emails, you can easily send a thank you message for taking an appointment or encourage customers to book another appointment.

Offer Daily Deals

Give a reason to customers to schedule an appointment by arranging limited-time events or daily deals.

Connect With Your Favorite Tools

Schedulista believes in offering the best of two worlds together; as a result, it helps you integrate with several software or tools, like Mailchimp, Stripe, Google Calendar, Facebook & Instagram, Zoom, etc. 


  • Mobile app available for both iPhone and Android
  • Mail, email, and phone support are available
  • 15 days free trial available
  • Best for any team size, small, mid, or big one
  • Supports multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, and Portuguese
  • Allow text messaging and payment services in almost every country


  • Bit pricey for startups
  • Limited integrations are available

Device Support

Schedulista is a cloud-based software that runs on the Web, compatible with Windows and Mac, and is available on Android and iOS. 


It charges a flat fee, with no hidden charges on setup or for additional features. Plus, you can try Schedulista for 15 days at zero cost. 

Below are the three plans that you get from Schedulista;

  • For only one user, it will cost you $19 per month
  • For 2 to 15 staff, it will cost you $39 per month
  • you need to contact them to get the best deal For an enterprise plan.

Who Can Use Schedulista? 

Schedulista has been in business since 2011 and got a reputation among the businesses. Though it allows less integration but still works best for large businesses. Therefore, big companies like Amazon and Microsoft prefer using Schedulista. 

The answer is simple: from small to large businesses can use Schedulista. You can be a golf instructor, hair stylist, massage therapist, accountant, or have a large business; Schedulista simply works best.

Which Is My Favorite Appointment Scheduling Software?

Well, no hard feelings for any software. As per my business (I have a large business), Schedulista works best for me. The most important reason for choosing this is it has mobile apps and Appointlet hasn’t introduced any mobile apps yet. 

Schedulista mobile app gives you the freedom to keep an eye on every appointment by simply opening a mobile app. 

Another reason to select this is it offers phone support that you’ll not find in Appointlet. So, these are my reasons for choosing a Schedulista. 

However, I can not deny that in terms of integration and other features, Appointlet tops the list. Further, Appointlet is new software compared to Schedulista, so in the future, there are many chances for improvement in Appointlet. 


Have you yet selected your best appointment app? No. Well, do not get confused. First of all, make the list of the features you want in an appointment software and accordingly make your selection.

One thing to clear here – both apps are best. The only matter of concern is your requirements. Therefore, you can refer to both apps’ features, pros, cons, pricing, device compatibility, and reason for choosing my favorite app to get a clear crystal picture. 

I hope all these points will help you. Also, if you have any questions about these apps, comment below, and we will try our best to answer your queries as quickly as possible.


Who Can Use Schedulista?

Schedulista works best for every business size and type, from small, mid-size to large businesses. A few businesses using Schedulista are massage therapists, photographers, accountants, hair stylists, and the list is quite long.

Who Can Use Appointlet?

Appointlet works best for small to midsize businesses. Mostly, freelancers prefer using Appointlet. Besides these, salons, spas, and other businesses love to use Appointlet. 

Does Appointlet Offer Mobile apps? 

No. Appointlet hasn’t launched any mobile apps yet. However, Appointlet is new software, so there is room for progress. 

Does Schedulista offer mobile apps?

Yes. Schedulista offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Which Appointment App Is Affordable?

Appointlet is affordable compared to Schedulista. Also, Appointlet has a free plan. However, Appointlet does not offer mobile apps.

What Is The Cost Of Schedulista?

Schedulista pricing starts from $19/month, giving you the best of both worlds. You need to contact the Schedulista support team to get the best quote if you are looking for an enterprise plan.

Is Appointlet legit?

Yes, it is legit, serving thousands of businesses.

Can I Delete My Appointlet Account? 

Yes. You can delete your Appointlet account, but you need to make a data delete request.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.