iLovePDF: Complete Review 2022

September 6, 2022
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In this blog, we will review about ILovePDF. Although there are many pdf converters available on the web however, ILovePDF is rated as the best by experts. Therefore, you need to read this blog before buying it. So, let’s dive into this article.

PDF is currently one of the most commonly used file formats these days, and we frequently encounter circumstances in which we would like to perform simple tasks like blending or separating PDFs, Nevertheless our standard PDF viewers are unable to accomplish this because they really aren’t designed to modify PDF files, but instead to allow you to read them. 

Let me present to you iLovePDF, a collection of online-based software that enables you to rapidly combine, divide, compress, decrypt, emboss, rotate, and transform PDF documents to Word, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and Jpeg image files.

It is a simple online-based PDF software developed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in growing. This cloud-based PDF creator allows you to maintain and arrange your PDF files, reduce files to transmit huge PDFs, integrate numerous sources into an unified PDF, and transform both to and from PDF files. 

Some of the more useful functions are download link administration, PDF segmentation, watermarking, and simple Office to PDF transformations. With the accessible PDF collection API, the software interfaces with your company and applications.

The PDF conversion tool is compatible with a broad number of browsers, software platforms, and technologies, allowing you to work while you’re on the go.

What is iLovePDF?

iLovePDF is a file management software that lets organizations scan data, modify PDFs, and transform file documents on a single platform, among many other things. It enables team members to build document collections with customized watermarks, corporate logos, and signatures. 

Staff employees could use this software to manage, organize, and modify PDF documents by combining, dividing, shrinking, spinning, and labeling them. It allows users to convert documents in a variety of formats, including word, spreadsheet, presentation, and JPEG. 

In addition, it  allows team members to interpret documents in several languages and use the drag-and-drop user interface to analyze many files at once from a single platform. The software includes an application development interface or API that enables organizations to combine the program with a variety of third-party platforms, including OneDrive and SkyDrive. 

Additionally, it offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to oversee activities via their mobile devices. An annual subscription and a monthly subscription are available. Online chat, frequently asked questions, mail, as well as other methods of assistance are accessible.

Why Should I Use iLovePDF?

This software is incredibly useful to me because of the numerous tasks it can perform in a matter of seconds. If you are seeking for software to convert your documents from one format to another, look no further. You should also consider this tool because it has a free version that does the majority of the tasks. 

There are additional batch processing and file management features. You should use this software as well because the premium editions are quite inexpensive. The user interface is simple to grasp, and there are mobile applications for various smartphone operating systems.


  • This tool is simple and secure to use. Even if this is your only time using it, its user-friendly design and functionality configurations will enable you to understand how to operate it fast. The majority of the tools demand simply that you upload files and then they’ll run automatically. As a result, you don’t have to worry. In addition, for your protection, the tool immediately deletes all of your files after two hours.
  • It produces high-quality results. The company is striving hard to deliver you the shortest file size possible while maintaining the highest output quality.
  • There are several systems for working with PDF. It integrates Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to easily get documents from the cloud and store them again to your cloud based accounts. You may also use their smartphone application for Android and iOS to deal with PDF documents on your device. You may use the PC application to work exclusively on your computer if you wish to simply modify or change PDF documents remotely.


  • Each assignment has a limited number of files and sizes available.
  •  The software does not support optical character recognition.
  • There is no compatibility between the desktop and MacOS (32 bit) or Windows (32 bit).

iLovePDF Features

Features Of ILovePDF


This section will provide a brief overview of some of the software’s standout features, since it provides an abundance of tools. Let’s begin by getting started with what you can anticipate (iLovePDF editor tools) from the desktop or website version without further ado.

Word to PDF

To allow worldwide access and easy exchange of Word documents, It lets you change DOC or DOCX files to PDF files. This transformation is done with great care, preserving the original style and structure while maintaining the original quality. 

As long as the transformed document is not modifiable and is easily accessible with any PDF viewer, you can feel confident that the output would be unmodifiable.

The bulk conversion function and the extremely intuitive drag-and-drop ability have also made it very easy for you to process numerous Word documents. Another unique feature is the spin tool, which allows you to reorient the document panels in preparation for conversion. 

iLovePDF Merge

There are times when it is necessary to merge many PDF files into a single package. While this might be time-consuming without any of the correct equipment, the PDF merging tool comes to your rescue. 

Simply add your PDF documents, organize them as required, rotate them as needed, and then finalize the merge procedure. It’s no big deal, the existing quality, design, and layout will remain.

iLovePDF Split 

The software can also separate a consolidated or multi-page PDF document in a variety of ways. You have the option of splitting by a bespoke or defined page sequence, extracting particular pages or all of the pages into the independent PDF files. 

The benefit of using a PDF separator is it allows you to obtain and share only the material you require rather than struggling with a whole PDF file. Furthermore, you can combine the retrieved page regions into an unified PDF file.

iLovePDF Compress 

There are times when the quantity of PDF documents somehow doesn’t meet our needs and we are unable to shrink them by deleting material. This is where a PDF software that can reduce an existing document to something like a specific ideal size comes in handy. It takes on this issue front on and provides three preconfigured compression options, which are as follows:

  • Extreme compression. This setting provides the most compression only at the price of quality, as the intended resolution is a low-quality PDF document.
  • Recommended compression. This setting retains the compression at a middle level resolution, resulting in good compressing and high-quality output.
  • Less compression. Creating a high-quality PDF document requires little reduction here.

Once you’ve decided on the type of compressing you want, the PDF compressor will take care of the rest, refining the document to your specifications. You can now safely fill in the gap if a web page has limited uploading to a specified file size.

PDF to Word

You can use the conversion tool of this software to convert a PDF document to a word file or document. The transformation resolution is so outstanding that you won’t even notice any differences, and the word file will be identical to its own PDF equivalent.

Add Page Number to PDF Files

This incredible application also allows you to add page numbering to any PDF file or document. Page numbering can be applied to just one page or to adjacent pages. 

You can define the page number’s placement on the page as well as a number of pages wherever you wish to add page numbering. You also could select a typeface and determine its size, as well as the layout for page numbering.

Add Watermarks to PDF Files

As well as, a PDF file can have message or graphics watermarks. It is possible to change both the font and font size. Moreover, you can pick an acceptable location for the watermark and then spin it around to the perfect typical angles.

Unlock PDF

If you ever stumbled upon an encrypted PDF file, it may be extremely tiresome to have to enter the password each and every time you need to interact with the document. However, worry no longer, since iLovePDF offers the ideal automated approach for quickly removing the passcode. tiff the PDF was not properly aligned, you have an additional flip alternative to utilize well before the real PDF is unlocked.

PDF Rotate

Any PDF file may be rotated to the right orientation. The software also recognizes and flips PDFs to the correct direction immediately. For around an hour, all transformed PDF files are ready to be downloaded from the tool’s databases. 

If you opt to enroll for service, you will receive some additional benefits such as two hours of storage space and other strong capabilities within the tools completely free. Become a premium member if you wanna additional features and benefits. Additionally,  this software is a fantastic combination of tools that can be readily accessible while on the road.

Other iLovePDF Features

The features of this software go beyond those listed above. This is in keeping with the company’s tagline, Every PDF tool you need, right at your fingertips. Here are the extra features/tools to which you have access;

  • PDF to Excel
  • Excel to PDF
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • PDF to JPG
  • JPG to PDF
  • Sign/Protect PDFs
  • Developer API
  • Organize PDFs
  • HTML to PDF
  • Repair PDF

The wonderful thing about most of these tools seems to be that they are all really easy to operate and completely free. This list, together with the preceding tools, covers almost all of the operations you’ll need to do on PDFs.

iLovePDF Pricing

Pricing Of ILovePDF

Registered members are able to use all these tools for free, Nevertheless they have specific access and content limits. To circumvent these restrictions, you can buy Premium Web or Premium Pro Desktop + Web to improve your service experience. 

Presently, Premium Web costs $6 every month and $48 annually, while Premium Pro Desktop + Web costs $9 every month and $72 annually. You have the choice to upgrade, downsize, or simply cancel at any time. Premium Web differs from Premium Pro Desktop + Web because the latter contains both the Desktop Tools and PDF Reader.

iLovePDF Alternatives


SmallPDF is modest, just like the name suggests, but some skilled staff built the platform within only five years and it is currently ranked as one of the top 500 most viewed websites on the Internet. It has become one of the most popular web-based PDF converters and is always considered by clients when converting PDF documents from and to other formats. 

They constantly think that most present PDF applications are too hefty to use. They solved this issue by removing unnecessary functionality and focused on the user experience in order to create a viable and strong web – based PDF service model with a desktop software. The application now includes twenty tools for working with PDF files.


EasePDF offers a collection of free online PDF utilities with a clear and easy graphical interface, making it one of the excellent services that allows you to transform, modify, reduce, and generate PDF. 

It currently contains over thirty web-based tools to assist you in working with PDF files. All of the tools on the website are free to use if you have a connection to the internet. Furthermore, it supports Dropbox, Drive, and URL, allowing you to download files from either the cloud or a link and store them data to the cloud just after conversion. 

The server has produced a link that allows you to effortlessly transfer the document with one another. To protect your privacy, the website will permanently remove all files after twenty-four hours.


iLovePDF is your go to software for practically all PDF-related tasks. It provides a wealth of choices such as PDF transformation, modification, downsizing, combining, and dividing, to name a few. You can operate effectively with the free plan, however the subscription plan is more reasonable when compared to other comparable products.

Another advantage is that it can be used both offline and online on many platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android), resulting in versatility and maximum dependability. The simplicity of operation and high quality outcomes cement the software’s ability to handle PDF files.


Q. Can I Turn My Digitized PDFs Files Into Modifiable Documents?

Ans. Yes. OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a technology that transforms non-selectable and digitized text to office documents, is required to convert a digitized PDF to a customizable or another editable format. Since their most recent update, digitized PDF to office transformations are now feasible.

Q. Can I Upload My Files? If So, How Can I?

Ans. Yes, In order to upload documents directly, you just need to drag and drop them onto their platform. You can also use the ‘Select files’ option to download documents from popular online storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Q. Why is It That My Conversion is Taking so Long?

Ans. Regrettably, they do not have complete control over the situation. Computational time is determined by a variety of factors, including the strength of your internet connection, the quantity of the documents you choose, and, most importantly, how crowded their servers are.

Q. Is a duplicate of my modified documents kept?

Ans. Certainly not. Your files are yours alone. There is no access to any of their documents, due to the security of their systems. They only store them for two hours so you may download them. Following that, they are permanently deleted from their databases. You can also manually remove the file at the conclusion of each conversion. They will not examine, copy, or manipulate your material in any manner.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.