Best 7 Business Management Software (Latest & Updated)

April 28, 2022
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Best 7 Business Management Software

What is Business Management Software?

A business management software is a platform that enables business people to manage all their business-related projects or functions, properly. It’s extremely difficult to be on top of everything, especially if you own a large business. Nowadays, there are business management software applications for different types of businesses, such as:

  • Construction companies
  • Ecommerce firms
  • Freelance businesses
  • Printing business

Benefits Of Business Management Software

All business management software apps serve multiple purposes to different companies/entrepreneurs. The following are some of the proven advantages of incorporating this technology into your business.

A. Helps one to widen your customer base

Your future business management software must have features like email marketing. You have the liberty to add more contacts to your marketing list to lure new clients.

B. Enhances communication

These platforms have incorporated a live chat support feature for their clients. Therefore, entrepreneurs can communicate directly with their clients there. Similarly, you can pass work-related instructions to your employees.

C. Generate business essential reports

Complete business software like SAP Business One helps clients transmit real data to and from their teams. Additionally, they automatically generate useful and timely reports subject to the provided data.

D. Simplifies the whole procurement process

Small and medium-sized businesses can procure business-related resources much more quickly. Therefore, you can create an inventory, place an order, make payment, and get purchase receipts.

E. Helps to make better marketing decisions

Nowadays, business people heavily rely on these software apps to analyze marketing activities. You can easily tell how successful a given marketing strategy is for your company.

F. Gives you full control

All below mentioned business management software helps you better manage your business. You’re in control of all the aspects of your investment such as invoicing, business report generation, and purchase.

How to choose the complete business management software?

Good business software will help improve your business performance. Conversely, the wrong software is counterproductive to your organization. Therefore, you have no option but to pick out the right platform for your business.

Below are the factors for choosing the perfect software:

1. Features

I heavily advise you to choose a platform that has all the features that will favor your business. More often than not, the more the features, the better the platform is for you. Below are the most basic features that you must always look out for before making a decision.

2. Nature of your business

Do you own a construction company? If so, CoConstruct is the right tool for you. This platform offers builders all the relevant tools to manage construction work. Therefore, you can sync bids, orders, project estimates, and project specifications.

3. Billing

I see many clients making the mistake of choosing a business software with limited pricing options. It’s prudent for any client to pick a platform that offers a wide range of billing plans. Good platforms like HoneyBook provide a monthly and yearly pricing plan.

Ordinarily, the more the billing plans, the more affordable the platform becomes. Remember that you’re entrusting your private business operations to the platform. Therefore, it’s senseless to choose a business management app you can’t afford long-term.

4. Free trial

I see many clients making the mistake of choosing a business software with limited pricing options. It’s prudent for any client to pick a platform that offers a wide range of billing plans. Good platforms like HoneyBook provide a monthly and yearly pricing plan.

Ordinarily, the more the billing plans, the more affordable the platform becomes. Remember that you’re entrusting your private business operations to the platform. Therefore, it’s senseless to choose a business management app you can’t afford long-term.

5. Demo

Brilliant business management app designers always include a demo video on the platform. A demo video gives potential clients a rough idea of how the platform works. Therefore, it’s in order to select a business software that includes a demo video on the home page.

This video is particularly vital for relatively complicated business management platforms. I strongly think it’s more prudent to choose such a platform for those with no demo at all.

6. Design

It’s impossible to move around with your laptop to monitor your business operations. Because of this I strongly opine that you choose a business software that has a mobile-friendly design. Additionally, please ensure that the application has a user-friendly design. This strategy will help boost the control of your business/organization.

7. Client reviews

No entrepreneur can afford to overlook customer reviews and ratings. Sadly, multiple business management platforms guarantee no value for money. Therefore, you must ensure that you’re entrusting your business to a worthy business management software.

Thankfully, clients give heartfelt reviews based on their experience. Therefore, any potential client can rely on such feedback to make a good decision.

Top 7 Business Management Software

1. HoneyBook


Image Credit – PCMag

HoneyBook is a software management platform that started in 2013. Shadiah Sigala established this platform to help business owners to manage their companies much more easily. The platform allows you to book new clients, send out contracts and ask for payments virtually.

Here’s some exciting news, HoneyBook integrates other international tools on this platform such as:

  • Gmail
  • Zapier
  • Zoom
  • Quickbooks

How To Join HoneyBook?

New clients need to visit HoneyBook and navigate to the Login page. You’ll see a ‘Create One’ option below the ‘Log in with Apple’ option. Better still, you can provide the ‘Start Free Trial’ option. Kindly fill out your official full names and email address and click the ‘Start Free Trial’ option.


  1. Online payment functions
  2. Contract customization
  3. Booking new clients
  4. Invoicing functions
  5. Booking virtual meetings
  6. Business projects automation
  7. E-payment functions

HoneyBook Pricing

HoneyBook only gives its clients a monthly and yearly pricing option. A monthly pricing plan will cost you $39 each month. You can add as many team members as you can under this plan.

Additionally, the HoneyBook monthly plan doesn’t limit any features from you. Not to add that you can transact as often as you want. On the other hand, an annual HoneyBook pricing option goes for $390.

The beauty of an annual plan is that it attracts a 17 % discount. Annual subscribers get high-quality concierge support and full access to all HoneyBook’s features.


  • Has no credit card requirement
  • Quick payment processing
  • Helps one book clients within minutes.
  • Helps one customize contracts
  • Has a free trial period
  • Highly user-friendly


  • Highly unaffordable
  • The trial period is too short

2. CoConstruct


Image Credit – CoConstruct

CoConstruct is a business management software that targets construction projects. Hundreds of both remodelers and homebuilders heavily rely on this app to manage their construction projects.

How To Join CoConstruct?

I advise you to visit CoConstruct and provide all the relevant details about your business. Click the main menu and then click the ‘Login’ option to access the account you just created.


  • Quick Communication
  • Financial Management Functions
  • User-friendly Client Dashboard
  • Bidding Functions
  • Scheduling
  • Order Customization
  • Invoicing
  • Project Estimation

CoConstruct Pricing

CoConstruct offers its clients an annual and a monthly pricing plan. Under the monthly plan, you can either choose the Standard or the Plus subscription plan. A Standard CoConstruct plan goes for $99 every month.

In contrast, the Plus subscription option will cost you $399 each or $599 after every 2 months. Both subscribers get all the basic features, although the latter can access more advanced features.

A yearly plan equally has a Standard and a Plus subscription option too. However, a Standard goes for $2899 every 12 months. Conversely, a Plus CoConstruct yearly plan costs each subscriber $4,999.


  • You can customize orders
  • Quick communication
  • Quick bidding
  • Allows file sharing
  • Virtual full project management


Too overpriced

3. Clarizen


Image Credit – Clarizen

Clarizen is a high-quality business software that helps clients manage business projects remotely. For instance, you can manage both business resources, as well as finances on Clarizen. Apart from that you can get relevant project reports and monitor business projects from the dashboard.

How To Join Clarizen?

Go to Clarizen and click the main menu on the top right. I recommend you select the ‘Demos & Free Trials’ option. Scroll to the bottom and choose between Plainview Project Place or Planview Leankit to start your free trial.

Clarizen will prompt you to enter vital information like:

  • Country
  • Name of your company
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Cell Phone number
  • Email Address


  • Project management dashboard
  • Work management functionalities
  • Work request management
  • Risk management functionalities such as a risk register
  • Customer-friendly User Interface (UI)

Clarizen Pricing

At present, Clarizen offers an Enterprise and an Unlimited package to its clients. Ordinarily, an Enterprise package will cost you $45 every month. Conversely, an Unlimited subscription plan costs $60 each month.


  • Easy to monitor project
  • Easy to set project deadlines
  • Helps one identify project risks
  • Easy to track work requests


  • Has no reporting functionality
  • Few Integrations

4. SAP Business One

SAP Business One

Image Credit – Vision33

SAP Business One is a business software app that best suits, both small and medium-sized businesses. SAP SE first released SAP Business One Software in 2002. Currently, this business software is available in over 20 different international languages.

This business management platform helps small business people manage their finances, inventories, and better customer relationships. Essentially, entrepreneurs gain more control of their businesses.

How To Join SAP Business One?

Kindly go to SAP Business One and click the person icon. You’ll then have to follow the below steps to complete the Sign-Up process. The registration process demands you give essential details such as:

  • Phone number
  • Department
  • Business email address
  • First name
  • Last name


  1. Online payment
  2. Maintains an Inventory
  3. Invoicing
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  5. Financial Analysis
  6. Accounts Processing
  7. Sales Tracking
  8. SAP Help Customer Portal

SAP Business One Pricing

It gives a Professional License and Limited License pricing options. Each subscriber must pay $56 each month to enjoy the Limited License. On the other hand, Professional License subscribers need to pay $108 to access all features for a month.


  • Analyzes all sales marketing activities
  • Gives free trial
  • Automates all accounting processes
  • Helpful in the generation of financial reports
  • Highly cheap


  • Highly complicated

5. Accelo

Accelo: Business management software

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Accelo is software that helps customers manage all the operations of their clients. This powerful tool helps small business people manage services rendered by professionals such as accountants, designers, and an engineer. As a result, such businesses can compete fairly with more established companies, in the market.

How To Join Accelo?

New clients must visit Accelo to sign up and access all the features of this business software. Click the main menu on the top left and select the ‘Try Free’ option. Please enter the details below to complete the registration process.

  • Official work email address
  • Official company name
  • First name
  • Surname


  • Billing features
  • Automated quoting process
  • Budget management
  • Client assets report
  • Advanced searching and filtering

Accelo Pricing

Accelo offers all its customers monthly and 12-month subscription plans. A monthly plan is either Premium or Plus. Normally, a Plus Monthly Accelo plan costs $30 each month.

Conversely, a Premium Yearly Accelo subscription plan costs $49 every month.

More often than not, a monthly Premium plan includes features like clients’ portals and divisions. On the flip side, a Plus monthly option includes a custom field and timesheets. Annual subscription plans attract a mouth-watering discount of at least 25 percent.

An annual Premium plan costs each subscriber $39 each month. It includes divisions, branded workspace, and better security. A yearly Plus Accelo plan goes for $24 each month and it includes client activity feed and tasks & checklist.


  • Quick searching
  • Gives detailed invoice statements
  • Fast invoicing
  • Highly inexpensive


  • Data loss

6. Sage X3

Sage X3: Business management software

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Sage X3 is an ERP tool that was developed by Sage Group in 2000. This software helps entrepreneurs gain more control of all the aspects of their businesses. Surprisingly, Sage X3 is available in over 20 countries spread out on different continents.

Entrepreneurs can rely on this platform to get live business updates for decision-making purposes. Today, this business management software is particularly essential for the management of systems like:

  • Enterprise systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Real estate systems
  • Payment systems

How To Join Sage X3?

New subscribers must visit the Sage X3 website and click the menu at the top left. After that, you’ll need to click the ‘Sign In’ option below Support. Step 3 is to choose between a Sage Business Cloud Payroll or the Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

After that, you will need to click the ‘Sign Up’ below the ‘Login’ button. Key in all the required information to complete the Join Us process.


  1. Customer Support
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Business Projects Management
  4. Workflow Management
  5. Logistics Management
  6. Consultation Services
  7. Advertisements
  8. Trade
  9. Synergetic Workspace
  10. Purchase Management
  11. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  12. Human Resource Management (HR)


  • Enhances one’s decision-making capability
  • Efficient client communication
  • Quick data importation
  • Quick data exportation
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Gives a free trial


  • Offers no free version
  • It may be unsuitable for non-french speakers
  • Report customization is too complex

7. SuiteDash

SuiteDash: Business management software

Image Credit – SuiteDash

SuiteDash is powerful business management software that helps companies run all their operations much more smoothly. Therefore, it simplifies simple business operations such as file storage, billing, and customer feedback submission.

SuiteDash features an effective client portal that helps entrepreneurs manage their workers much more efficiently. You get to interact with your clients directly. For instance, you can send out invoices to the client and get paid virtually.

Apart from that, clients can manage their subscriptions remotely. SuiteDash allows you to subscribe and cancel it if you so choose.

How To Join SuiteDash?

Please visit SuiteDash and scroll down to the Login section. The third step is to click the ‘Create One’ button to prompt the system to kickstart the registration process.

This business software will then require you to provide your official email address. The final step is to click the Enter email address & click here to complete the signup process.


  • Tracking your employees
  • Autoresponder
  • Client portals
  • Invoicing
  • Client time management
  • Clock functionality
  • Staff file management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Document e-signing
  • Automatic lead generation

SuiteDash Pricing

SuiteDash offers a 14-day free trial to all new subscribers. Thereafter, you can subscribe to the monthly, annual, or lifetime pricing plan. The 30-day subscription costs each client $19 every month. A Thrive monthly package will cost you $49 and will include features like a proposal kit and custom folder generators.

An annual plan costs at least $ 180 each year; a drop from $228 not long ago. An annual Thrive pricing plan goes for a minimum of $480 per annum.


  • Gives a free trial
  • Splendid customer support
  • Improves communication among your team members
  • Helps one attract more leads
  • Helps one create more lead pages
  • A safe online payment platform
  • Helps one manage their subscription


  • E-signature functions aren’t customizable
  • Not user-friendly
  • Too costly


1. Are there any proven benefits of using HoneyBook?

Yes, there are! Here are some of the most awe-inspiring benefits of utilizing HoneyBook.

  • Saves you time

HoneyBook brings almost every aspect of your business together. Therefore, you can easily make updates or relevant changes on this platform.

  • Helps you schedule meetings

Business people can schedule a meeting within a few minutes. All you will need to do is to set your preferred start time and share the meeting link with all your clients.

  • Helps one attract potential clients

This platform allows you to make unique designs and business photos. This strategy can help you win over any potential client out there.

2. I’d like to subscribe to HoneyBook. Does HoneyBook offer a discount for an annual subscription?

Yes, it does! Intriguingly, HoneyBook offers a 17% discount to all their annual pricing plan subscribers. Because of this, you end up coughing up $390 after every 12 months. Unfortunately, monthly subscribers aren’t entitled to any discount.

3. Does Ninox business software give a free trial?

Yes, it does! Ninox business software gives new clients a 30-day free trial. All you’ll need to do is click the ‘Start Free Trial’ option and follow the prompt. Choose whether you want a Private or a Business Ninox plan and click the ‘Get Started’ option.

4. What are some of the features of Vcita business management software?

Vcita is a business management software that has all the necessary features a client needs. Some of the eye-popping features of Vcita include:

  1. Invoicing
  2. Reminder setting functionality
  3. Client-friendly portal
  4. An appointment scheduling functionality
  5. Contact form
  6. Automated customer responses
  7. Alerts

5. I am contemplating using SuiteDash. Are there any benefits of using this platform?

Yes, there are! The following are some of the best benefits of using SuiteDash.

  • Simplifies invoicing

clients can rely on SuiteDash to send out invoices to their clients and receive payments on it. Currently, SuiteDash is secure and hence supports credit card payments.

  • Sending proposals

This platform helps clients to send out proposals to potential clients. He or she will review it and decide whether to accept it or turn it down and give feedback.

6. What are some of the features of Clarizen?

  • Client dashboard
  • Portfolio management
  • Alert bar
  • Real-time resource management
  • Employee work management

7. I am an entrepreneur who owns a small business. Confused, which is better between SuiteDash and SAP Business One?

I highly recommend SAP Business One to SuiteDash for multiple reasons. First of all, the former has multiple useful features. For instance, SAP Business One integrates multiple tools that enhance business process visibility.

Apart from that, this tool enhances your profits by bringing all business processes on one platform. Therefore, you don’t have to employ different experts to run your business hence reducing the overall head cost.

8. In Accelo, Which business data does allow its clients to view regularly?

Accelo enables its clients to get real-time and updated business data. Some of this information includes:

  • Budget
  • Task status
  • Duration
  • Earned value

Last Words

Two decades ago, new businesses wouldn’t compare fairly with more established ones. Thankfully, business management software applications have leveled the playground for every entrepreneur. The interesting part is that the end consumer benefits the most from this.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.