What is Carrd? How To Use Carrd To Make Single Page Website?

May 9, 2022
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What is Carrd?

In the era we live in, we often find ourselves in need of a website. The reason for this need varies from one individual to the next. Most times, however, we lack the skills to create our own, and the charges for hiring a website developer can be quite steep.

Carrd was specifically created to cater to this need. It will help you create your website from scratch even if you lack the most basic skills in programming. With Carrd, you can develop a single page website at no cost at all. Keep reading to understand more about this amazing tool!

What are the Specifics of Carrd?

For starters, you have to understand it as a web service aimed at allowing you the freedom and power to create your website. Any website created via Carrd can only have a single page.

A single page? Yes, that’s right! The website will have only one page that gives users all the information they may need access to. It may sound quite inconvenient, but on the contrary, it is preferable as it offers users ease of use.


Today, more than ever before, one page websites are more common in the digital arena. They are easier to navigate as you can easily find everything on a single page. This feature alone makes them more appealing than the traditional multi-layered websites.

If you need a website that displays your profile, portfolio, and landing page, Carrd would be the perfect web service to help you express yourself and your business.

You can access the basic features of Carrd at absolutely zero costs. However, if you wish to upgrade to the pro version, you have to part with a few dollars. The basic plan is quite ideal in most cases, and more so for starters.

How does Carrd work?

Carrd is ideal for more than one reason. Besides being your one-stop-web service for your website creation process, it also gives you step-by-step instructions on how to go about it. It is simple and effective.

When you initiate the process, the website prompts you to choose a starting point, after which it offers you an extensive list of templates to choose from.

This first step is likely to feel overwhelming, but take a deep breath and relax. Carrd is about to break down the whole process for you into categories that are easier to understand and maneuver.

Each section comes with a clear description of what is expected and what you can achieve in that particular sect. In most cases, however, you can expect to come across categories such as landing page, portfolio, profile, and even form.

Carrd also provides you with some extent of freedom, in that it is possible to go about the process as best preferable to you. For example, if you want to start using CSS immediately to style your text, you can do that. You can also choose not to.

Most people who use Carrd don’t have any programming skills. As such, it is always advisable to initiate the process by editing existing components first or adding elements that are unique to your needs.

With Carrd, you can access a wide pool of options, including such features as Text, Images, Icons, and even Timers. The app also has undo and redo buttons, which are great for easily rectifying mistakes and increasing convenience.

With the tap of a button, you can easily switch between desktop and mobile view. As such, making it easier for mobile users to edit their web pages as desired. Once you are done editing, you can easily publish your webpage. The one thing you must remember is to create an account through which you will manage the site.

Choose a title and description suitable for your website, and an appropriate URL. Each should be unique, in that it shouldn’t have been picked by someone else. Once you sort all that, your website should be ready for the world in a short moment. You can still edit things to your liking even after the website is up and running. So no need to worry about things that are not to your liking.

Carrd Features: For Pro Users

Carrd is great for all its users, but especially for Pro users. With Pro membership plans one gains access to many more features than normally accessible using other membership plans. For example, it offers many templates that are available for free users, who have a little more than half the total number of available templates.

Pro users also have access to custom domains, which provide them with full support and allow them to publish their one-page website anywhere. The platform makes the process easy and manageable by providing a step-by-step guide.

There are various types of forms including sign-up sheets and contact forms similar to those from Mailchimp and Revue. These forms are extremely useful, especially in helping you gather customer data of all the people visiting your site. As such, it makes it easier for you to develop a mailing list, which is extremely crucial in creating awareness and promoting your business.

Pro users can easily use other widgets and code embeds to run customized code through their websites. You have access to custom CSS and code integration, which are useful for anyone seeking to incorporate such payment methods as PayPal, Pioneer, or any other.

When choosing a membership plan, it is advisable to go for Pro because of the wide array of options it offers you. You can even host several websites on the platform and manage to remove Carrd’s branding from your sites. It also gives you higher quality images, and unlimited access to various elements, Google Analytics, Meta tags, and custom site icons.

Carrd offers several Pro Plans and allows you the freedom to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Each Pro Plan, (Light, Standard, Plus) has different features to choose from. No matter the plan you choose, the subscription will run the whole year-round. Each Pro plan is a great choice; you just have to consider your needs while choosing, so that your subscription gives you the best service.

Carrd Pricing

New members can easily access and use Carrd freely for 7 days as the platform offers a 7-day free trial. After completing the seven days you can choose to continue with a Basic membership plan, which is free, or subscribe to one of Carrd’s Pro Membership Plans.  Each membership plan is priced differently according to the features it offers.

  • Pro Lite Membership: $9 per annum
  • Pro Standard Membership: $19 per annum
  • And the last one Pro Plus Membership: $49 per annum

Carrd offers very affordable rates compared to the features availed by each plan. As such, it is no wonder it is one of the most used platforms. Besides its affordability, it offers great value, simplicity, and efficiency especially in 5realtion to the time used to deploy. Anyone in need of a website, and quick, Carrd is the way to go.

How to Make a Carrd Website?

It is important to note that you can develop a multi-page website using Carrd’s free plan. However, if you plan on developing several Carrd websites, it is advisable to invest in a Pro Membership Plan. For as low as $9 per annum, you can start creating websites for your clients.

Follow the steps below to develop a multiple page website with Carrd.

1. Create a new website from scratch using Carrd

First, you would have to develop a new Carrd without using a template. To do that, log in to your dashboard and select New Site. Once there click on the box icon to initiate the Carrd website creation process.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 1

2. Set the page up

With your mouse, click on the Page element at the center of the page.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 2

Once you click on the page element, its editor will appear on the left.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 2.1

Click on the settings below and change them as shown.

  • Style – Click on “Wide Box”
  • Position – Choose “Top”
  • Background color – Select “#EDEDED” (You should find it at the bottom of that page)

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 2.2

At this point, you have managed to position your page at the top, but you are yet to create it. As such it is empty.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 2.3

3. Add a Navigation Menu

See the tab displaying the words “Nothing here yet”? Click on that and delete it as it is not needed.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 3

Replace that with 3 buttons on the top navigation bar.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 3.1

4. Edit the Navigation Menu

Select the first button and edit it to your desired label and add a URL



How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 4

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 4.1

Label: This is where you name your page. The first button should be your homepage

URL: Start with the hash sign (#) followed by your page’s name

Repeat the process for the remaining two buttons, and name them “About” and “Contact” respectively. Don’t forget to update the URL for each.

5. Create your header and footer sections

Any functional website typically has 3 sections: the header, body, and footer.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 5

  • Header: This is where you store your Navigation Links, and header menu, to start with
  • Body: This part contains the content that allows people to interact with your page and understand what it’s about
  • Footer: Any relevant links such as copyright are stored here

To ensure that your header and footer do not change even when users navigate to different pages, you need to develop a triple control element for your page.

Input the label “Header Marker” in the first control element. This will ensure that the elements in the navigation bar on top of the page remain unchanged.

Input the label “Footer Marker” in the third control element. This will ensure that the elements in the navigation bar below the page remain unchanged.

6. Add a Footer

You need to put some text into your footer element.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 6

7. Insert a New Page

This is the point where you start creating multiple pages on your Carrd website. However, you should know that the page is not new. Since Carrd cannot create multiple page websites at the moment, you are creating new sections of the original page and creating the impressions that the user is navigating across different pages.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 7

To achieve this effect you must add new sections to the page. Make sure the sections are within the body of the page (i.e. between the header and the footer). You have just managed to create 3 different pages: Home, About, and Contact. Now you need to rename these control sections by adding # before the actual label, (e.g. #home or #about). This action instructs Carrd to treat the created section as a new Page.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 7.1

NB: To achieve this result you must ensure that the name of the URL (#Home, #About, #Contact) matches that of the intended section (Home, About, Contact)

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 7.2

This detail instructs Carrd to redirect users to the homepage.

8. Add Content Page

Since the page is empty, it is time to create content for it.

To do that, create a new element, “Container” and on the Type, Button click Column. Now, drag the created container and position it between #home and #about, and create a border. You are now ready to start adding texts, images, videos, or any content you see fit. Ensure to edit your content as desired before uploading it.

In case you don’t have images, you can download some (free stock images) from Pexels, and add them to the appearance tab before customizing them.

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 8

Expect the final homepage to look like the one below:

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 8.1

Duplicate your homepage right below your “About” and “Contact” Sections and customize the two pages to appear just as you want them.

Your final results should look similar to the image below:

How to Make a Carrd Website - Step 8.2

9. Publish your Website

Once you have published your website, you can click view to see how it appears to users. You have successfully managed to create a multiple page website on Carrd.


  • It is highly inexpensive and offers value for money at the same time
  • It is rich in features, affording users flexibility and greatness in terms of results achieved
  • Anyone can use Carrd to develop a website for their business or clients who need simple websites. You don’t need to know coding to use Carrd.
  • Wide range of Carrd Templates
  • It offers excellent design flexibility, which means you can build almost anything you want or need.
  • Its interface offers simplicity, which means it has very clear instructions which make it very easy to use
  • Carrd offers excellent Customer Support
  • It is excellent for anyone seeking a landing page builder; it is a highly intuitive platform
  • Carrd offers an unbeatable template base: extremely good and diverse


  • You cannot use Carrd to create elaborate websites since it is only limited to creating non-complex sites.
  • The platform does not have a pop-up menu
  • You cannot rely on Carrd to help you create something like a blogging website or a social network; you would need to employ third-party tools


Carrd is the way to go for anyone seeking to build easy and quick websites with a landing page, homepage, and portfolio. It is also excellent for developing an appealing landing page with a high conversion rate.

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