How To Refresh Browser Automatically? (2022 Guide)

April 26, 2022
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How To Refresh Google Chrome Browser Automatically?

In this blog we have discussed how to refresh browser automatically.


The refresh button which is also referred to as the refresh option is a function that is available in all Internet browsers. Additionally, this option is used to ask the browser to send you the most updated version of the page that you want to view or you are viewing.

Forcing on a refresh browser, helps to clear the page’s data cache and reloads it from the website. This can be done on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari desktop browsers, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Additionally, to force refresh a web page on your mobile device, you will need to clear your browser data for all web pages. If you pay attention, you may have noticed that when you return to a website you have visited before, it loads faster than it did when you first visited it.

The reason is that your browser stores a copy of the website on your computer. The browser does this because it is a lot faster for your browser to load the website locally, as opposed to downloading the website from the internet again.

Although storing pages in the browser’s cache helps to make loading pages faster, it can also mean that changes made to the website are not always visible until you perform a hard refresh.

Additionally, a lot of our web design clients notice that when we make changes to their websites, they cannot see the changes when they visit the website. We also use hard refreshes all the time ourselves when doing SEO to ensure we are looking at fresh search engine results.

How To Refresh Browser On Mac?

Mac users who have switched from Windows might be finding it difficult to perform a browser refresh or they may wonder what the equivalent refresh button is when they are using a Mac.

It is also entirely possible you have always been a Mac user, and you are curious about how to refresh the browser on Mac. It is known that the F5 key is utilized as a refresh in most Windows web browsers.

When Windows users switch to Mac, they might be wondering what the comparable refresh button is on the Mac, as hitting F5 has another function or none at all. Let’s understand how to refresh browser (chrome, Firefox, opera) on Mac.

How To Refresh Chrome Browser On Mac?

  • Hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • Hold down Command + Shift + R

How To Refresh Firefox Browser On Mac?

  • Hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • Hold down Command + Shift + R

How To Refresh Safari Browser On Mac?

  • Hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • Hold down Command + Option + R

How To Refresh Opera Browser On Mac?

  • Hold Shift + Click the Reload button.
  • Hold down Command + Option + R

3 Best Auto Refresh Browser Extensions [Google Chrome Compatible]

1) Easy Auto Refresh

Easy Auto Refresh Icon

Easy Auto Refresh is referred to as a browser add-on & tool created by Dummy Software. The application refreshes web pages automatically based on a set interval.

As an add-on to your web browser, the program is easy to install and runs by itself automatically. Auto-refresh programs are useful in keeping your browser running smoothly.

Your PC uses up a lot of memory whenever you have a lot of tabs open and this handy tool helps lessen some of that resource usage. it is a great tool to refresh browser automatically.

Easy Auto Refresh

Can you make a website refresh automatically?

Easy Auto Refresh by Dummy Software automatically refreshes websites after a set number of seconds. However, it is up to you to indicate the interval between automatic refresh in seconds.

Simply enter the number of seconds per reload and click on Start. Additionally, each setup is unique to each page so you will need to save the settings per page.


  • Selectable refresh interval
  • Refreshes websites without user input
  • Compatible with various operating systems


  • No ability to refresh multiple pages simultaneously
  • Limited functionality
  • Limited browser compatibility

2.) Tab Reloader

Tab Reloader Icon

One more amazing tool is tab reloader. this tool can help you refresh browser to get rid of cache & cookies. Tab reloader provides a toolbar panel to perform infinite reloading jobs on individual tabs. With this reloader, you can define a custom period with a random variation for each tab.

In addition, tab reloading jobs can be enabled or disabled through the toolbar panel. Also, it is an easy-to-use tab reloader with custom reloading time for individual tabs and more.

The tab reloader also provides a toolbar panel to perform infinite reloading jobs on individual tabs. Years can define a custom period with a random variation for each tab.

In addition, tab reloading jobs can be disabled or enabled through the toolbar panel.

Tab Reloader


  • Restores reloading jobs after a restart (session manager)
  • Define variable (random) reloading times with a predefined range
  • Optionally displays the remaining time of the next reloading on the badge area
  • Define whether reloading occurs when a tab is active or not
  • Reload all tabs in the current window or all browser windows
  • Reload tabs from the context menu over the tab element (see screenshot)
  • See the list of all tabs with active reloading jobs in the browser action’s popup
  • Optionally bypass form submissions
  • Set custom rules to start reloading a tab when URL or hostname matches.
  • Reload discarded tabs in the current window or all windows
  • Optionally move to the bottom of a tab after reloading occurs to read the new content
  • Run custom JavaScript code on each reload.
  • Reload local files (file://)
  • Define a policy that prevents reloading based on the time (date) and URL
  • Reload only a few times and then stop.

If you want to disable an already activated tab, please make sure to switch to the tab first, then open the toolbar button and disable the job.

Also note that if you are closing the tab, there is no need for you to disable the job as the job will be disabled automatically after an active tab gets closed.

3.) Auto Refresh Plus

Auto Refresh Plus Icon

This helps to refresh browser automatically with the powerful page monitor features. Additionally, Auto Refresh Plus comes in handy to any user that wants to perform automatic web page refresh at certain times efficiently.

It also provides support for content detection, which can be very useful when it comes to monitoring content that is included in a dynamic web page.

Auto Refresh Plus


1. Random Interval

With this feature, users can randomize the time interval of page refreshes. Users can also select a minimum and a maximum range of time, and it will automatically refresh pages at any random time interval between those ranges.

2. Default Time Interval

This feature allows you to set the default time for every page refresh. Additionally, users can select either the predefined time intervals or provide their custom time intervals.

3. Set Refresh Numbers

Users can also set how many times they want to refresh the specific webpage

4. Display Visual Timer

This feature allows you to display a visual timer on the webpage you will refresh.

5. Countdown Timer

You can use the countdown timer to refresh a specific page after a certain amount of time has passed. Enable and set the timer, a countdown will begin, and as soon as the countdown hits zero, ARP will start refreshing the page with the default time interval.

6. Hard Refresh

This allows users to reload the page without having to rely on the cached data

7. Auto Starts URLs

These are the URLs that ARP will start to refresh browser automatically as soon as the browser opens them or restarts. You can add one or multiple URLs on the extension settings page

9. Refresh Predefined Page

Using this feature, you can refresh a webpage without opening it yourself. Once you put a URL in this section, it will automatically open the URLs and refresh them on the default time interval.

10. Active Tabs List

In the extension popup or action menu, users can also see the list of tabs where refresh tasks are in progress. In addition, users can also switch the tab on click, see the timer, and then suspend the task.

11. Page Monitor

By using the page monitor, this powerful feature allows you to monitor a webpage and look for any possible changes in it. Additionally, you can monitor your changes in the web page’s visual or source code.

Additionally, users can monitor website changes in three ways.

  • Finding out if some specific text has APPEARED on the webpage
  • Finding out if some specific text has DISAPPEARED from the webpage
  • Monitor Anything change (Stay alert when any change occurs on the specific webpage)

You can also configure Auto Refresh Plus to stop or continue to refresh tasks if it finds or lost the monitored keyword. Depending on your page monitor’s settings, it will trigger a notification, email, or bell. furthermore, you can add any monitor keyword to your a browser context menu

12. XHR Refresh (with custom auto click on each refresh)

Retrieve data from a URL without having to do a full page refresh. This enables a Web page to update just part of a page without disrupting what the user is doing.

13. Refresh predefined text keywords

This feature starts refreshing a webpage as soon as some specific text is found on it. To use it, insert one or multiple keywords on the settings page. As soon as this Text appears on a webpage, ARP will start refreshing it automatically with the default time interval.

14. Auto click on the link

if your Monitored keyword is a link or a button, Auto Refresh Plus can also click that for you. You must first enable this feature in settings to refresh browser automatically.

15. Get alerted via notification and email

Once the page monitor finds that some specific text has appeared or disappeared from the webpage, it notifies the user by a Push notification, alert sound, and an email alert. The sound notification can be customized as per your needs.

16. Hotkeys

it allows users to use hotkeys to set their custom keyboard shortcuts for the following Auto Refresh Plus actions.


In this article, we were able to explain in detail all you need to know about how you can automatically refresh browser. Additionally, we explain the different types of applications for refreshing browsers and also all that one requires to know about them. Read our another Software Review & Tips Blogs.

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