Noom Vs Weight Watchers – Which is The Best Diet App?

June 27, 2022
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Noom Vs Weight Watchers: Which One is The Best Diet App?

In this blog, we will review Two amazing dieting app  noom vs weight watchers. as well as you will learn Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing. so let’s start with basic introduction.


We have seen your question Noom Vs Weight Watchers: which is better? So, here’s what we have for you all.

One thing which you want to try again and again is weight-loss diets. All of you might have experienced several diets but discontinued them after seeing no results. Aren’t we correct?

Then most of you are searching to try the last diet app, and most aren’t. So, we would like to give you a suggestion on a weight loss diet app below. So, be ready to start your journey and experience the two most remarkable diet apps. These will not only lose weight but also offer you the desired look. And let’s begin with Noom!

Part 1: Noom

What is Noom? 


Image Source – Noom

What do you think? which one is better app for dieting? let’s understand it in noom vs weight watchers blog.  first let’s see Noom. Give only ten minutes to Noom every day, which will help you lose weight. Do you think it’s fake?

Well, it might seem like a novice app with only 14 years of experience, but you can expect a lot from Noom. The website says, “last weight-loss program you’ll ever need!”

That means even if you have tried many weight loss programs earlier, this is where you will get the solution. It mainly aims for consistency, behavioral changes, psychology, and health fitness goals. That’s why when you choose Noom; you will get the desired results.

How Does Noom Work?

These programs help you see how your weight is coming down on the weighing machines and how other factors like food work for you. It does not stop anyone from having food! Shocked? But that’s true!

Instead, it spreads awareness and knowledge about the nutritional foods that encourage people to choose healthy lifestyle choices.

You will get a “Budget” of calories according to your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). It takes information like age, gender, height, etc., and decides itself. Your calories will increase with each exercise you do for a particular day. Noom gives a minimum of 1,400 calories for men. While 1,200 is the minimum calorie budget for women. Do you feel that’s not enough?

Well, for your kind information, it comes with a color option too. These options will help users to judge whether the food they are consuming is healthy or not. Thus, these colors are categorized below. 

  • Green – Green fruits, and vegetables must be included in your diet because they have the least calorie density. Or they have the highest amount of nutrients that are essential to your body. Green food examples include whole grains and vegetables.
  • Yellow – You can eat these yellow foods reasonably because they burn more calories and fewer nutrients compared to green foods. Green food examples, starches, lean meat, etc.
  • Red – It will be better to consume these red foods as little as possible or avoid them entirely because of the high calories and fewest nutrients. These foods are desserts, meats, and other foods.

In short, it will help you lose your calories and weight step by step.

Noom’s Features

Considering weight loss and your health, it offers the following features:

  • Food logging
  • Educational information with weekly hurdles, which you have to face
  • Weight tracking tools
  • Weight loss tips
  • Biometric tracking
  • A virtual coaching team for guidance

All these features help to lose weight as soon as possible.

Virtual Coach Of Noom

Today, Noom virtual coach will help you in many ways. So, you can easily use these coaches to lose weight. Many hire a personal coach for clear guidance to lose weight. So, if you wish to have a virtual coach, it can be fulfilled on Noom. The Noom virtual coach will guide you on every step by providing the weekly goals and keep you motivated every time.

Along with that, you can use this coach to see some effective improvement in your mood, stress levels, etc. In short, everything about Noom is helpful in your journey of losing weight.

Pros Of Noom

  • Daily guidance on eating, behavior change, and psychology.
  • The easy-to-use color system for your comfort.
  • Helpful for short-term weight loss.
  • Available on IOS and Android devices.
  • You can track your fitness and sleep with this app.
  • It helps with blood and sugar controls.
  • A seven-day trial is available.

Cons Of Noom

  • It will become an expensive solution for you.
  • Calorie goals can be problematic for a few people.

Noom Pricing

Noom fulfills all your demands for weight loss. Thus, it does not want to be an expensive burden on the users and offers a seven-day trial. Also, it provides a basic plan at only $59 a month. However, the other programs are given below.

  • Three months of $129
  • Six months of $159
  • Nine months of $185
  • Twelve months of $199

All plan of Noom is Auto renewable. You can choose the other plans because they have many plans to choose from as per your comfort. And don’t forget to look at their Digital plan for $23 per month, Digital360 for $30 per month, & Unlimited Workshops + Digital for $50 per month.

Note – The prices can be changed. Therefore, it will be better to contact them for the new plans before you start. 

Now, the question may arise in your mind, what if we have to cancel the plans or subscriptions? Sometimes, people want to change their routine, which affects their weight loss. Thus, a few people want to change their subscription or wish to cancel it when they are done. So, here’s what you need.

How To Cancel Noom Subscription? 

Canceling the Noom subscription or trial is not a hard nut to crack. You just need to know the proper way of withdrawing. You can try both ways: either you can cancel it with the app or on the website.

1. Using App

Only uninstalling the app is not a solution to removing the subscription. If you uninstall the app, you may still have to pay the charges; thus, you must remove the subscription before uninstalling the app.

First, you need to go to the app and open Settings and go with Manage Subscriptions. 

Cancel Noom Subscription Using Noom App

Image Source – Noom

After that, you must follow the stated steps to cancel the subscriptions. Once you are done, you can uninstall the app.

2. Using Subscription Portal

First, you must visit the subscription portal and log into your Noom account with your email id and password. You can get the back password if you forget that. The main page will show you the option of canceling the subscription on the right side.

Cancel Noom Subscription Using Subscription Portal

Image Source – Noom

Now, let’s move on to the next diet app – WW (Weight Watchers)

Part 2: Weight Watchers Aka WW

What is Weight Watchers? 

Weight Watchers

Image Source – WW – Wikipedia

Weight Watchers is another popular weight loss program founded in New York City in 1963. This is an older weight-loss program that has been developed and is now famous as WW. The best thing about WW is that it stands fourth for best overall diet, according to US News.

Here, one thing has come to my mind: how fascinating it is to use this app! Don’t you think so? You are using an app with the best overall diet and positive results. That sounds nice, no?

It offers a customized food plan and a PersonalPoints Budget. Along with that, you will get a tracker for recipes, foods, sleep, activities, and more. Despite that, you can get the PersonalPoints Budget, which will increase if you regularly do the meditation, all workout levels, etc.

How Does WW work? 

First, you need to sign in, and after that, you will get the random question to answer about your lifestyle, eating habits, etc. Here, you will also get the color options like Noom, but the colors slightly change to Blue, Green, & Purple.

These food colors help make choices between healthy and unhealthy foods. Also, these foods have nutritional content and increase the food points. Fatty meats, sugary cereals, cheese, potato chips, etc., can increase your food point values.

If someday you consume less food with low points, you can add points back. Increase your healthy habits like non-starchy vegetables, drinking water, etc.

Also, some ZeroPoints products include beans, fruits, and whole wheat pasta. But, it does not affect your point budget.

Features Of Weight Watchers

The following features are involved in Weight Watchers for everyone.

  • It offers a SmartPoints system
  • Color options are available
  • It calculates the nutrition needs.
  • Customized food plans

Virtual Coaches in Weight Watchers

Weight watchers also offers a virtual coach to help you in many ways. If you want a virtual coach without hesitation, you can directly click on the profile icon on the weight watchers app’s right side.

After that, you have to select the Chat Now option, and that’s done. You can now tell them what you have to share and follow their advice to lose weight.

Pros of Weight Watchers

  • The easy-to-use trackers are available
  • It is available for Android & IOS devices
  • You will meet with thousands of recipes there
  • Free workouts for fitness
  • The app works great
  • Easy to learn healthy habits
  • Huge network on social media and IRL

Cons of Weight Watchers

  • Earning the points may be tiresome.
  • It helps to lose weight for a temporary time only.

Weight Watchers Pricing

It does not seem like a price burden because you can pay weekly on Weight Watchers as per the following.

  • One Month plan is available at only $9.92 per week.
  • Three Months plan is open at only $5.00 per week.
  • Six Months plan is available at only $5.00 per week.

Along with that, you can get the free cooking kit with a six months plan. Now, which plan would you prefer? Comment below! We are waiting to read your replies.

Now, it’s time to know the essential thing!

How To Cancel Weight Watchers Subscription?

When you get the results by using the Weight Watchers, you will likely discontinue the app, and that’s practical. But, the problems start there when you don’t know about the subscription canceling. Most people don’t get the exact way to remove the subscription and uninstall the app, which is not a permanent solution.

We advise that you must follow the process of removing your subscription. There are two ways available to cancel your subscriptions.

1. Using Website

First, you must visit the website and log in with credentials. After that, you have to follow the steps by choosing the removing subscription option.

2. Using Phone

If you want to try another way, you can use the phone, the easiest way of removing the subscription plan. You must call 1-800-651-6000, and the agent will guide you further.

Now, let’s take a quick look at both programs.

Noom Vs Weight Watchers – Which is a Better Diet App? 

Noom Points to Compare Weight Watchers
It’s a weight loss program that aims at diet, exercise, and behavioral changes. What is it?  It’s a point-based weight loss system aimed at exercises.
It works like a psychological program to change your habits. How does it work?  It’s a food planner based on what you like?
The basic plan is available at only $59 per month. Basic Plans Month Plan at $9.92
It counts the calorie budget and food colors for tracking. Food Tracking It counts the Personal Points Budget for tracing.
Group support & Personal coaching App Support Meetings, Wellness Sessions, etc.
Best for long-term success Results 1 or 2 pounds weight loss per week
English, Spanish, German, Japanese, & Korean Languages  English
Food logging, Helpful tips, Weight Tracking tools, etc. Best Features Customized food plans, color options, & SmartPoints system, etc.
It offers a seven-day free trial. Free Trial It offers a 30-day free trial

Everyone has a different weight, body structure, and lifestyle. Thus, it is not that easy to give an individual suggestion to everyone. However, you can quickly look at the entire blog and find the best one for you. Remember one thing; all two apps are weight loss programs. So whether you go with Noom or choose Weight Watchers, your weight will surely decrease. However, it will be better if you get a trial and then decide what’s good for you.


Noom or Weight Watchers – Which is the better choice?

If this is your confusion, let us help you,

We would love to have your eyes on this blog. It will clear the dust in your eyes and help you pick out the best one.

Noom – A trustworthy program founded in 2008 that offers a color system to help you lose weight. Also, with helpful tips and exciting features, this app is a complete solution for your weight-loss issues. Noom offers a virtual coach for your help and does not leak your information.

Weight Watchers – WW is another famous weight losing program founded in 1963 and has a large customer base. Also, a few studies have found that it helps lose weight effectively. Weight Watchers have a virtual coach that helps you in your journey.

Which app is better? 

To be precise, if you ask us, we advise that both have different properties. But we will go with Noom. It’s a newly launched app that is entirely effective for weight loss. The other color options like yellow, green, and red will guide you on what to eat and increase your healthy habits. Also, the virtual coaches are completely supportive and offer you weekly goals.

However, it’s totally up to you. Both effectively help you lose weight, and you will see the difference from the start.

Depending on your tastes, you can choose one of them, start losing weight and get your desired shape. But, we suggest using Noom for long-term weight loss.

Ultimately, we hope you will choose the best one for you. Leave a comment if you need any help further. Our dedicated team is ready to help you there.


Q. How many languages do Noom support? 

Ans: First of all, Noom is available in the worldwide famous language English. However, it is also available in four more languages: Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and German.

Q. Is Noom Free? 

Ans: Noom offers seven days of free trials where you will get the features like food logging, helpful tips, and much more. Thus, it might be the best option one can choose to lose weight.

Q. Is Noon a cost effective solution? 

Ans: Many users will scream “Yes” to this question. It may look like an expensive plan when you go through them. But, the fact is that, when you get the results, you will think that Noom is worth it. And your money was invested in the right place.

Q. What is included in the free cooking kit offered by WW? 

Ans: The free cooking kit involves a cookbook called Easy everyday Cooking, Bamboo Cookbook, cutting boards, tea towels, a food processor, an iPad holder, and much more. Thus, this kit can be a practical option for your weight loss.

Q. Is there any virtual coach in Weight Watchers? 

Ans: The big Yes! It offers a virtual coach that helps you step by step to lose weight and enjoy your journey. You can activate a virtual coach on your own by using the app.

Q. What is better in Weight Watchers? 

Ans: Weight Watchers have a lot to offer you. You can choose a meal planner, water, weight, plus food, activity trackers, and over 10,500 recipes.

Q. What is better in Noom? 

Ans: Noom offers a psychological approach that helps lose weight and improves healthy eating habits. The inactive challenges, daily informational articles, calorie tracking, etc., are making it more preferable for users.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.