How Schedulicity Become A Popular App for Salon Booking?

April 29, 2022
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How Schedulicity Become A Popular App for Salon Booking?

What is Schedulicity?


It is a salon booking app. Jerry Nettuno built Schedulicity in 2009 to act as a bridge between businesses and their customers. Whether you own a gym, salon, or spa. Presently, this app permits you to make up to 10 bookings every month.

How To Sign Up For Schedulicity?

Are you a businessperson? Kindly go to visit website and click the main menu and click the ‘Pricing’ option. I advise you to click the ‘Try for Free’ option if you want the Premium monthly package. After that, you’ll need to key in your email address and click the ‘Start For Free’ option.

Conversely, new clients will need to click the Sign Up Now option to create a Free account. Similarly, you’ll need to enter your official email address to create an account.

How To Log In To Schedulicity?

Do you own a Schedulicity account? If not then create one. Otherwise, You have to visit a website and click ‘Login’ at the top of the website. First and foremost, you’ll need to provide your email address to continue with the Login process.


  1. Email marketing
  2. Limitless appointments
  3. Online Payment
  4. Email Support
  5. Email Alerts

Schedulicity Pricing

It provides a free and monthly billing plan to its customers. A free plan comes with multiple features such as email support and 10 free bookings each month. On the contrary, the premium monthly package costs $34.99.

Unlike, the free plan, the Unlimited monthly plan includes features like:

  • Unlimited classes and appointments
  • Automated marketing features
  • Auto-billing

Schedulicity Benefits

Do you have doubts about the usefulness of this App? Below are the most mind-blowing advantages of this salon scheduling app:

1. Enhances online appointment booking

Jerry Nettuno builds this App with the main aim of enhancing online appointment booking. Clients have the freedom to make a reservation and cancel it immediately if they so decide. You only have to visit Schedulicity and search for your service of choice.

2. Gives enticing offers and discounts

Do you own a salon? Don’t worry as potential clients can know any price deal that you offer them. Additionally, customers can see all the special offers service providers are giving in their locations. How awesome is that?

3. Helps one be in control of their salon

Schedulicity app helps clients to be in control of their investment. For instance, salon owners can see and manage appointment bookings by clients. He or she can alert their workers once a client completes booking an appointment.

4. Gives a free plan

Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to come across a scheduling app that offers a free plan. Thankfully, It offers a free and an Unlimited pricing plan. The exhilarating part is that free subscribers can access nearly all the vital features such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Limitless Appointment
  • In-built Payment
  • Phone and Email support

5. It helps you include breaks

No matter how good you are as a professional, you need time to rest. Therefore, the Schedulicity app allows you to block outbreaks from the appointment range. You wouldn’t want a client to book time during which you intend to spend time attending to a personal matter.

Why Has Schedulicity Become So Popular?

A. Free Sign Up

Lamentably, most scheduling and business management apps charge exorbitant sign-up fees. The uplifting news is that it has a free sign-up policy. New clients can complete registering their business within a few seconds.

B. Next Level Email Marketing

Potential customers receive customized email alerts thanks to Schedulicity. All a client has to do is to pen a persuasive and detailed marketing email. The good part is that this vendor won’t charge you an extra fee for self-marketing.

C. No Credit Card Requirement Policy

Nearly all appointment booking websites demand you provide your credit card details to join their apps. Cheer up, this tool understands how confidential this information is. For this reason, this software permits you to choose your preferred payment option.

D. Schedulicity Offers Live Customer Support

If you visit this app, you’ll notice a live customer service icon at the bottom right side of the webpage. Anyone including a new web visitor can contact customer support directly for assistance. Interestingly, you can even get help from a virtual assistant by following these simple directions.

Best 5 Schedulicity Alternatives

1. Bookeo


Bookeo is a salon scheduling app, launched in 2010. Astonishingly, Bookeo is now available in over 120 different countries. You won’t believe that this app has processed over 65 million bookings, over the years.

What’s more, clients have processed payments worth $19 billion over the last 12 years. Therefore, you have every reason to consider this scheduling app.

How To Sign Up On Bookeo?

Would you like to join Bookeo? Kindly visit the Bookeo and click the ‘Free Trial’. A signup form will appear, requiring you to key in information such as:

  • Preferred language
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Preferred Bookeo Product

The final step is to click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the bottom right.

How To Log In To Bookeo?

Process of log in into Bookeo is similar as Schedulicity. If you have a Bookeo account, you must visit its official website. After that, you need to click the menu and select the ‘Sign In’ option. Enter your correct email address and password and click the ‘Sign In’. Have you forgotten your correct password? You’ll have to click the ‘I Forgot My Password’ option to reset it.


  1. Online Booking
  2. Online Payment
  3. Hosting
  4. Business performance analysis software
  5. State-of-the-Art scheduling
  6. Alerts
  7. Integrations

Bookeo has integrated multiple tools on their app, for the benefit of the clients. They include:

  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • QuickBooks
  • MailChimp
  • Google Analytics

Bookeo Pricing

Bookeo offers 4 different billing options to its customers. At the moment, Bookeo offers the below billing plans.

  • Small
  • Solo
  • Standard
  • Large

A Solo plan costs each subscriber $14.95 every month. More often than not, this plan allows you to make a maximum of 200 bookings every month. In contrast, a small subscription costs $29.95 and caps the total monthly bookings at 1,000.

A standard Bookeo pricing plan goes for $39.95 every and it includes 20 consultants. Technically, this billing plan sets the maximum bookings at 1000 every month. The final billing plan is the Large which costs $79.95 each month and it includes 40 consultants.

At this moment in time, Large will cost you 2,000 bookings every month. Additionally, a subscriber enjoys at most 40 staff.


  • Clients can make payments online
  • Members can book yoga classes virtually
  • Quick registration process
  • User-friendly
  • Helps one manage reservations


  •  Bookeo doesn’t offer live customer support
  • Gym enthusiasts can’t keep track of their fitness journey

2. Talech


Image Credit – Financial IT

Talech is a point-of-sale system that was innovated in 2012. Leo Jiang and Irv Henderson invented this app in 2012, in California, United States. Talech enables businesses to manage different business aspects such as payment processing and customer support.

Apart from that, Talech permits you to book an appointment online like Schedulicity app. Furthermore, this app offers a reliable appointment calendar. Therefore, you can see all upcoming appointments by your staff.

All you need to do is follow the below steps to complete a booking

  • Choose your service of choice
  • Select your preferred time
  • Confirm your booking

How To Log In To Talech?

Visit Talech and click the person icon at the top right of Talech’s homepage. Enter your email address and the correct password. Confirm the login credentials and click the ‘Sign In’ button.


  1. Appointment booking
  2. Notifications
  3. Automated discounts
  4. Label printing
  5. Order management
  6. Limitless devices
  7. Customer history management
  8. Reporting

Talech Pricing

Talech has a starter, standard, and premium billing plan for its clients. Ordinarily, the starter plan is set at $29 per month. You can add as many employees as you please.

On the other hand, the standard plan costs $69 every month. It includes barcode label printing and bundles. This pricing option best suits casual and medium-size businesses. This billing option permits you to add as many products as possible.

Finally, the premium plan is usually $99 each month. The premium plan sets no limit on the number of products, employees, and devices you can add.


  • Multiple pricing plans
  • Suits multiple types of businesses
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to manage appointments


  • Too glitchy
  • Relatively high-priced

3. GenBook


Image Credit – GenBook

GenBook is a highly-rated scheduling and business management app like Schedulicity for salons and spas that brings together entrepreneurs and customers. Rody Moore developed this software in 2006 to simplify small business management. Over the years, GenBook has helped over 20,000 small business people grow their businesses.

How To Sign Up And Log In To GenBook?

I urge you to go to GenBook and navigate to the ‘Login’ option. You’ll see a ‘Sign Up Now’ option below the ‘Login’ button. Kindly follow the easy on-screen instruction to register successfully. After that, you can enter your email address and password to access your GenBook account.


  1. Automatic scheduling
  2. Dashboard
  3. Access control
  4. Customer data management
  5. Billing
  6. Notifications
  7. Email marketing
  8. Credit card data management
  9. Customer support
  10. E-payment
  11. Appointment booking based on availability
  12. Customer portal

GenBook Pricing

Unlike most scheduling apps, GenBook offers a 30-day free trial to new clients. The interesting part is that the app has no credit card requirement policy. It’s up to you to buy a subscription once the free month trial expires.

A Booksy subscription will cost you at least $29.99 each month. The beauty of this billing plan is that it includes:

  • Online payment processing
  • Full business management
  • Appointment calendar

Would you like to add more staff to your account? GenBook will charge you an additional $20 per staff member.


  • Offers a free trial
  • Has no hidden charges
  • Has appointment reminders
  • Quick booking process
  • Easy to use


  • Only has one pricing plan
  • No free version

4. Appointy


Image Credit – Appointy

Nemesh Singh founded Appointy in 2008 primarily to help entrepreneurs leverage time scheduling and online appointment capabilities to triple their revenues. This app assists its clients to take advantage of social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

That explains why thousands of clients sign up with Appointy each month. The most intriguing part is that Appointy uses secure protocols; hence clients can safely process online payments. Additionally, the app’s booking portal is always up 24 hours every day. Schedulicity and Appointy both app is great for salon booking.

Most customers prefer this vendor as it has integrated multiple tools like:

  • PayPal
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Google Calendar

How To Sign Up On Appointy?

Are you a startup entrepreneur? It’s about time you joined Appointy for your business to soar to the next success level. That said, go to Appointy and locate the ‘Sign Up’ section. Feel free to fill out essential details such as:

  • Full Names
  • Email Address
  • Country of Residence/Origin


  1. Online booking
  2. Virtual payments
  3. Create pricing deals
  4. Email marketing
  5. Notifications
  6. Reporting

Appointy Pricing

Each new client of Appointy is entitled to a 14-day free trial period. You don’t need to provide your credit card information to register. Additionally, the app offers 2 pricing options to all its clients. At this moment in time, the monthly plan includes either a Growth, Professional, or Enterprise.

Growth monthly subscription costs $29.99 each month. Normally, this billing option includes 5 staff members. A Professional pricing option costs $59.99 each month, and it equally includes 5 staff. Not to mention that it supports resource scheduling and gift certificates.

An enterprise subscription costs each customer $99.99 per month. It permits you to send out customized short messages and allows you to make a maximum of 2,000 bookings every day.

Annual Appointy subscribers enjoy appealing discounts and hence end up paying less.

For example, a Growth plan goes for $19.99 each month. The professional billing option costs at least $49.99 compared to $59.99 for monthly subscribers.


  • Highly responsive customer service
  • Fast booking process
  • Free trial
  •  Quick scheduling


Invoicing is too lengthy

5. Schedulista


Image Credit – Smith

Schedulista is SaaS with all the necessary tools clients need for both appointment booking and scheduling.  Customers have the option of booking via email, FB, or SMS. If all these options fail, you can visit the website to make your booking. Schedulicity and Schedulista both are the best appointment booking app.

As a good salon booking app, Schedulista notifies your staff as soon as a client books or cancels their appointment. Additionally, the app sends out SMS alerts to clients of upcoming appointments. The best part is that you can block out your lunch or tea break time.

Therefore, no client can make an appointment during this duration. That’s the main reason, Schedulista suits occupations like:

  • Accountancy
  • Teachers
  • Gym Trainers
  • Professional Therapists

Schedulista App

Unlike other apps, Schedulista has an updated mobile App for its client. Therefore, you can manage appointments on your Android or iPhone at your convenience. Feel at liberty to download the latest Schedulista mobile App version from App Store or Google Play Store.

How To Sign Up On Schedulista?

Visit Schedulista and click the ‘Login’ option. Step 2 is to type in your email address and password. Are you a new client? Well, click the ‘Sign Up’ option and type your personal information, such as:

  • Full Names
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Business Name

Prove that you’re a human by clicking the ‘I’m not a robot’ captcha. Lastly, click the ‘Sign Up’ option to complete the registration process.


  1. Unlimited Short Messages (SMS) Service
  2. Quick Credit Card Payment Processing
  3. Scheduling
  4. Quick Customer Support
  5. Invoicing
  6. Appointment Booking
  7. SMS Alerts
  8. Appointment Instruction Setting

Schedulista Pricing

Schedulista offers new customers a 15-day free trial. After that, you can either choose the ‘Just You’, the $39, or the Enterprise package. Unfortunately, the $19 package only allows a maximum of one staff.

On the other hand, the $39 plan allows between 2 to 15 staff members. Finally, the Enterprise billing plan doesn’t limit the number of staff members.


  • Gives a free trial
  • Fast appointment booking
  • Quick Sign-Up process
  • Integrated with Zoom.
  • Doesn’t charge a setup fee


  • Quite costly


1. I am hesitant to sign up with Schedulicity. How popular and reliable is this app?

Don’t worry it is the most popular scheduling website right now. I bet you’ll be incredulous to learn that customers have booked over 4 million appointments since its establishment.

That’s not all, over 500 new clients subscribe to this appointment booking site each week. For this reason, I can confidently vouch for this app.

2. Which professionals do Schedulicity target?

This app mainly targets personal service providers, wellness experts, and home repair experts. Apart from that this app equally welcomes professionals like:

  1. Hair salon owners
  2. Professional counselors
  3. Massage professionals
  4. Fitness coaches

3. I booked an appointment with a hairdresser in Schedulicity. How can I reach her?

Businesses always lay out their contact details on their Schedulicity appointment page. Thus, I urge you to visit that page and contact the hairdresser directly. In most cases, local businesses display their cell phone numbers.

4. I would like to see a full list of all my upcoming appointments?

Entrepreneurs or personal service providers must log in to their account to see their appointment list. Visit the app’s official website and type in your email address and password to log In. Please ensure that you link your profile with your business.

Upon doing so, you’ll see details of all the clients that have booked your services. You can even send them appointment reminders to avoid being inconvenienced.

5. Does Schedulista offer live customer support?

Yes, they do! However, you must go to Schedulista to start a one-on-one live chat. More often than not, the customer care representative is available from 9:00 Am to 5:00 pm PT. Else, you’ll have to email them and expect a reply within 24 hours.

6. I am a highly experienced barber. Can I rely on Schedulicity?

Yes, you can! All you’ll need to do is to create an account and link your business. visitors will get to see your barbershop and schedule an appointment.

The Bottomline

In conclusion, it’s impossible to dispute the fact that Schedulicity is a breath of fresh air for business people. That’s why SPA owners, nail experts, and barbers heavily rely on it to lure potential customers. It’s the best bridge between personal service providers and customers.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.