Sheppard Software: Best Kid’s Learning & Activity Website

May 2, 2022
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Sheppard Software: Best Kid's Learning & Activity Website

Introduction: Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software is an educational website that has multiple games and activities for kids. The best part is that nearly 80 % of these fun-filled games are highly educational. Extraordinarily, more than 20 million visitors to this website.

Hundreds of kids visit this site to learn several subjects. Popular subjects include:

  •  Mathematics
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Arts
  • Geography


  1. Has over 20 different categories of games
  2. Games are broken into different levels
  3. Has a link to multiple other sub-links
  4. This website has a direct FB link

Why your child should spend time on Sheppard Software?

A. To better understand concepts

There’s no better way for your kid to understand concepts learned in class, than on this Software. Remember that the site includes multiple subjects such as math and English. For instance, the verb game helps kids understand how to use a verb in a sentence.

B. To do their homework

Studies show that tens of teachers use this software for educational purposes. Probably, this high preference is due to the impressive features and also since they don’t charge anything. Therefore, it’s good that your kid spends time on this site to do the assignment.

C. To improve their academic performance

Research shows that kids that spend quality time on the Sheppard Software perform excellently in class. Nearly 45 % of the content on this site involves concepts taught in class. As mentioned before, thousands of teachers use this site to tutor their preschool, elementary and middle-school learners.

D. It strictly features age appropriate content

Unfortunately, some sites don’t seem to care about the well-being of kids. Have you ever seen a website with both kids-appropriate and adult content? This software has a lot of content that suits young kids, such as preschool and elementary learners.

E. To prevent bad peer influence

Elementary and Middle-school kids are the most prone to negative peer influence. The good news to parents is that this program can help keep your child on track. You don’t want peer pressure to push your son or daughter into prostitution, drug abuse, or crime.

Most people think that this website is strictly for the underage. However, the good news is that adults too can learn on this educational site.

Benefits Of Sheppard Software

Benefits Of Sheppard Software

Are you among those that consider the Sheppard Software worthless? You have no idea how much you’re missing out. Let’s disclose a few impressive pros of using this helpful site.

1. Helps parents bond with their kids

Hundreds of parents can confess how much this software has helped them to bond with their children. Parents and their children compete against each other in answering quizzes. I have heavily relied on this educational site to know my son better over the years.

2. Enhances kid’s performance

It has helped droves of learners better memorize seemingly difficult concepts. The fact that this site learns of all categories from preschools, kindergarten, and middle school makes it perfect.

3. Boosts your kid’s self confidence

Let’s admit it, kids can be very brutal to each other sometimes. Has your child ever complained that his or her classmates are mocking him for not comprehending a concept?

The Sheppard Software assists learners to understand tough concepts at their pace. Slowly but certainly, the kids become more confident in themselves.

4. Helps kids while away time doing beneficial activities

In all honesty, kids have too much time on their hands, especially during the weekends. The potential danger is that their peers can lead them astray, particularly if the parents aren’t strict enough.

It keeps your child engaged properly. The kid not only spends time doing something chuckle some but they also get to learn.

Top 5 Enjoyable Games On Sheppard Software

Games On Sheppard Software

1. World Continents

As the game name suggests, this game helps kids better their geography knowledge. Like other games, the game has multiple levels. A player must pass one level to proceed to the subsequent level. The game features a scoreboard, percentage note, and time recorder.

Therefore, your kid can use these features to learn Geography. The system will notify you whether the answer you submitted is correct or not.

How to play?

You must navigate to the World Continents to participate in this game. Kindly click the ‘Play’ option to start playing this interesting and educational game. The second question involves Continents while the final one involves Oceans.


  • Sharpens your kid’s memory
  • Helpful during revision
  • Easy to play
  • Highly educative
  •  Not timed


Suits slightly older kids

Age Restriction

This game isn’t restricted to a specific age group. However, I strongly recommend it to kids over 10 years old. It may be unsuitable for kids with no geographical knowledge.

Game Rules

  1. You must submit the right answer to proceed to the next level
  2. It involves 3 specific levels
  3. You must score 100% to proceed to ‘The Continents’ level
  4. You only go to the next level if your score is 1/1.

2. Arcade Style Decimal Math

The Arcade Style Decimal Math is one of the best games on the Sheppard Software. Technically, it strictly involves the addition of decimals. It trains the kid to match the decimals properly to get the right answer. Currently, this game offers both a relaxed and a timed mode.

Often, the timed mode entails matching the question with the correct answer. The system will mark your submission within seconds and give feedback on both the misses and the correct pairs. Be informed that you must complete matching all the answers before the set time elapses.

How to play?

The Arcade Style Decimal is about matching the addition question with the right answer. The kid may have to add manually, to match the correct math problem with the right answer. Don’t forget to click the ‘Click Here to Finish’ button to get your results.

You’ll only qualify to proceed to the next level if your score is impressive enough. On the bright side, you don’t have to match all the problems correctly to qualify to move to the next level.


  • Easy to play
  • Sets reasonable time
  • Has multiple levels
  • Accurate marking system


Strictly suit tech-savvy kids

Age Restrictions

The Arcade Style Decima math game suits kids between 4 to 10 years. Kids above that will find the math game less challenging. However, it’s effective in helping the child sharpen their math skills.

Game Rules

  1. The kid must match all the problems within the set time if they choose the ‘Timed Mode’
  2. You earn 1000 points whenever you match all the math problems correctly.
  3. You can only choose the ‘Relaxed’ or the ‘Timed’ mode.
  4. Times mode is set at 300 seconds only.
  5. You match the answer by clicking the problem and your preferred answer.

3. Noun Game

The Noun Game falls under the Grammar Tutorial on the Sheppard Software. A kid gets a rare chance to learn about nouns and how to use them in a complete sentence. The game features a board at the top labeled ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. Your son or daughter earns a point whenever they click the fish that is labeled with a noun.

The child can play as many times as he or she can as the Noun game isn’t timed. You won’t believe how happy your youngster will be after playing this delightful game.

How to play?

A player must click the ‘Play’ option once they visit the Noun Game section. You’ll be redirected to a section that features multiple fish and a noun or verb on top of it. A participant must click the fish under which a noun is labeled.

You can only successfully feed the fish with a worm if you click the right fish. Please ensure that you click the fish that’s only labeled with a noun.


  • Enhances your kid’s grammar skills
  • Easy to play
  • Has a musical background hence fun-filled


Demands attention

Age Restrictions

The Noun Game mainly suits pre-primary learners the most. However, kids below grade 4 can greatly benefit from it as well.

Game Rules

  1. You must click the fish labeled with a noun
  2.  You earn no point when you click the wrong fish

4. 50 US States

The 50 states game helps learners know the state name and its geographical location. It features the United States Map with all the 50 states on it. Unlike other games, the 50 State Game has an audio assistant. Feel free to mute it, if you find it disturbing or unnecessary to you for any reason.

How to play?

A player should click on any state on the map to learn its name. All you need to do is to move the hand icon to the state you wish to know more about. Drag the icon and tap on the specific state you’re interested in.

This game has controls for you to pick out a specific region. At present, we have specific regions such as:

  1. Pacific States
  2. Southern States
  3. New England States
  4. Mid-Atlantic States
  5. Mountain States

Do you want to play more games? Feel free to click on ‘More Map Games’ to get more enjoyable games. You’ll get a rare chance to learn a lot.


  • Highly educational
  • Easy to play
  • Has controls to ease the game


Suits older children

Age Restrictions

For some reason, the 50 States Game suits older children. I strongly recommend it to kids over 15 years old. Younger kids might find this online game less entertaining to them. However, that doesn’t mean that the Sheppard Software has restricted younger children from participating in it.

Game Rules

  1. You must the hand icon at the tap to know the states name
  2. You must let the game load before you start playing.

5. African Countries

The African countries game is among the most chuckle some map games you get on the Sheppard Software. Players must note that this online game is timed. Level one involves matching one country to the name indicated at the top.

At the present time, the system has subdivided the continent into categories such as:

  • West Africa
  • Central Africa
  • South Africa
  • North Africa
  • All of Africa

How to play?

The game involves matching an African country with the name that pops up on the screen. You get a ‘CORRECT!’ feedback on the screen, whenever you match the country properly.

A virtual assistant will equally notify you whether you’re right or not unless you mute it. The site will select how long you take to play the African Countries Game.


  • Highly pedagogic
  • Not complicated
  • Relatively fun-filled


Might be boring

Age Restrictions

The African Countries Game best suits elementary and middle-school learners. Preschool and kindergarten pupils might not relate to this online game. Remember that you need to have fundamental knowledge in geography/social studies.

Game Rules

  1. You earn a point whenever you match countries correctly
  2. If you match incorrectly, the selected country turns red.
  3. Your new score improves whenever you match the African country correctly.

Related FAQs

1. Does Sheppard Software have a verb game?

Yes, it does! The game educates kids on what a verb is and how to use it in a sentence. A player ought to strictly click the robot that’s holding a verb only. Failure to do so, you’ll not whack the robot successfully.

2. My 4-year-old son is quite poor in mathematics. How can I strengthen his foundation in math?

I highly recommend that you introduce him to the Balloon Pop Game on the Sheppard Software. The boy needs to click the ‘Start’ button once he gets to the ‘Balloon Pop’ Game section to get started.

The kid will learn to observe the pattern/trend to pop the correct balloon. More often than not, the kid sharpens their mathematical skills the more they play this kid-appropriate game.

3. As a parent I don’t allow my 5-year son to play any online games. Why should I consider Sheppard Software games?

This software games are highly educational. Therefore, kids don’t just play for the sake of it. They learn multiple class-related concepts such as mathematics and English. Apart from that, these games help to trigger interest in academics. Remember that education is generally off-putting to young learners.

4. Do I have to pay a subscription for my child to play Games This Software?

No, you don’t! Tens of these online games are on offer at no charge. Some of these free games include:

  • Grammar Games
  • Math Games
  • Geography Games
  • Science Games

Interestingly, you don’t even have to sign up for your kid to take part in these learning games. All you must do is visit site and click your preferred Online game and click the ‘Play’ button.

5. I password protect my smartphone to prevent my son from accessing my phone. Can he play it on my laptop instead?

Yes, he can! Sheppard Software is that you can play on whichever device you like. I highly recommend you use a laptop for comfort reasons. Apart from that, as a parent, you can monitor what your child is doing while a small distance away. You wouldn’t want your child to access adult sites.

6. What are some of the most popular games on the Sheppard Software?

Currently, it is home to tens of educational games meant for older and pre-school children. Here are some of the most common games you must know.

  1. Paint & make game
  2. Mousetrap game
  3. Food chain game
  4. Animal diet game
  5. Math games
  6. Animals for kids game
  7. U.S geography games

7. My daughter loves coloring. Will she find Sheppard Software helpful?

Yes, she will! It has multiple painting games on it. All a kid needs to do is to select their preferred color and paint the cat. You paint by picking a color and dragging and dropping as you please.

Final Words

Let’s face it, This software remains the undisputed online learning site for learners. You can access a wide range of subjects such as Math, English and Science lessons for free. Therefore, your son or daughter shouldn’t wait any longer, let him/her. Hope you found this blog helpful. read our more blogs.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.