How Can I Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software On The Target Phone?

April 29, 2022
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How Can I Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software On The Target Phone?

“Parents take a wrong decision but their intentions are always good”

How can I spy on a phone without any software?

If you are parents then I am totally sure, you’re among those asking themselves how can I spy on a cell phone without installing any software on the target phone? Breathe freely, as we’ll talk about that at length immediately.

Use find my device functionality

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? The answer to this question is that you need to make a few setting changes on the target phone first for this option to work seamlessly.

Kindly follow the below steps to turn on this option.

  • Open the target’s smartphone
  • Go to the Settings App
  • Locate the Lock Screen Option
  • Click the Security Option
  • Click the ‘Find My Device’ option
  • Turn on this option to enable this security option

I advise that you find out the target’s Google account’s login information. You’ll need this information to Login to access the Find My Device website.

Why should you spy on your children’s smartphones?

“How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?” It is the most common question that is asked by parents. Not with bad intentions but with good intentions for their child.

Let’s talk about some of the proven reasons you should spy on your kid’s mobile phone.

A. To protect your kids from online predators

Let’s face it, the internet is too dangerous, especially for youngsters. Therefore, you must monitor your children lest they fall prey to online predators. Sadly, some ill-intentioned internet users may send age-inappropriate content like pornographic materials to your kids.

B. To prevent identity theft

Nowadays, cybercriminals heavily rely on social media platforms like Facebook to steal people’s data. You wouldn’t want an online criminal to assume your child’s identity. Studies show that cybercriminals have stolen the identity of over 1 million underage kids.

C. To ensure that they only surf age appropriate information

We are in a dangerous era where kids can access adult content through a simple search. As you may know, pornographic content is extremely dangerous to people, including kids. It not only affects them psychologically but equally emotionally.

D. To safeguard your kid from cyberbullies

Over 20 % of teenagers have been victims of cyberbullying in the recent past. Dolorously, cyberbullying can immensely damage your kid’s self-worth. Therefore, it’s good that you monitor your teenage children lest you’ll have to spend half of your salary on counselors.

E. To track the apps your child downloads

In 2022, it’s impossible to count all the malicious applications on the internet. Sad to say, some of these apps come disguised as game applications to fool unsuspecting children. Remember that you registered your kid’s sim card using your personal details such as your ID.

For this reason, you have an obligation to know what your kid is up to at all times. The sad reality is that some of these apps may be well-designed to steal sensitive data from your kids.

F. To know where your kid is at all time

The beauty of spying software apps is that you can use them to monitor your child’s location. Hasn’t your son returned home after 6:00 Pm? Don’t worry too much, as you can use such an app to find out where he is. How stress-relieving is that?

4 Best & Popular Spy App

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro

There’s no better technology to utilize for spying purposes than Spymaster Pro. You may have to install the Spying phone on the target phone to monitor it remotely. That’s why this software App best suits parents who wish to spy on their children.

Clients can access vital information like:

  • Web search history
  • Emails
  • FB Activity Tracking
  • Instagram Activity Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • WhatsApp Activity Tracking

2. Spyic


Spyic is the most reliable mobile tracking mobile application available for you. Clients rely on this site to spy call logs and SMS of their targets. All you must do is create an account, choose a suitable subscription then send out the link to your target’s phone. Kindly understand that you can only access specific information particularly confidential data.

3. Qustodio


Does your boy or girl have a smartphone? I recommend you immensely consider using Qustodio to spy on him or her for their own good. You’re lucky as this app is available for PCs, Android, and iPhones.

Surprisingly, parents can rely on Qustodio to block harmful mobile apps. Apart from blocking unwelcome apps, you can equally trace your child’s location at all times.

Are you scared your kid might access pornographic sites? Worry less, as you can rely on Qustodio to filter such harmful websites remotely. Your child will get the feedback ‘’This Site Cannot Be Reached’, every time they try to access it.

4. mSpy


Image Credit – The Security Adviser

mSpy is the most highly-rated spying software app for Android Phones in 2022.MTechnology Ltd developed this popular spy app in 2010 to help users remotely monitor their targets. The fascinating part is that mSpy supports different operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

mSpy Pricing

mSpy currently offers 3 different subscription options to its namely:

  1. One-Month Pricing Plan
  2. Trimonthly Pricing Plan
  3. Yearly Pricing Plan

Presently, the 1-month package is set at $48.99 per month. In opposition, the tri-monthly package will cost each subscriber $27.99. Finally, the annual plan will cost you $11.66.Please note that this is a slight drop from $16.16, not long ago. For this reason, I formally urge you to take advantage of these discounts.


  1. Screen recording
  2. Internet Activity Monitoring
  3. GPS Tracking Functionality
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Online Payment
  6. Email Monitoring
  7. Keyloggers
  8. Call Logs


  • It’s multilingual
  • Gives live customer support
  • Free trial
  • Displays a full contact list
  • Can block hazardous sites


  • Too high-cost
  • Complicated especially to technophobic mobile users


1. My teenage son is fond of connecting to public hotspots. Can I use mSpy to monitor him?

Yes, you can! More often than not, phishers rely on free hotspots to destroy the phones of unsuspecting internet users. Apart from that, hackers can access sensitive data as public wifi is seldom secured. Therefore, you can depend on mSpy to block such an internet connection for the good of both of you.

2. Can I get in trouble for spying on someone?

Yes, you can! Wire-tapping is a serious felony in most countries hence punishable by loan. For instance, in the US, you might be fined $250,000 if you’re found guilty of this crime. Additionally, you may have to serve a prison sentence of 5 years.

3. Can I rely on a spying app to lock my stolen smartphone?

Sure, you can! It may sound crazy, but it’s good to install a spying app on your phone. This technology is particularly essential in case you lose your mobile phone. You wouldn’t want the thieves to access your confidential information.

Therefore, you can use such an app (like mSpy) to lock the phone remotely. As a result, the thief can’t access your phone’s SMS, WhatsApp, and other private conversations.

4. Is it possible to know if someone is spying on you?

Yes, it is! You should install a well-known anti-spyware software application to find out. The app won’t just notify you of any existing spyware, but equally, get rid of it. Oftentimes, anti-spyware apps conduct routine safety checks to unearth any malware and remove it.

Be ready to spend a good fortune as most of these apps are premium. However, we can all agree that your online safety is beyond any subscription fee imaginable.

5. I am suspecting that my spouse isn’t faithful to me. Can I use a spying application to track her movements?

Yes, you can! Although it’s illegal to spy on someone’s phone without their knowledge, you can monitor him or her. All you need to do is install your preferred mobile spying app virtually. The application will forward to you his or her call log, private chats, and emails.

6. I’d like to spy on my daughter who uses an iPhone. What’s the most recommendable spying app?

I highly recommend Highster Mobile spyware for a number of reasons. For example, this app supports specific apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and GPS location tools. Apart from that, you can easily view your daughter’s gallery and call logs.

7. Are there free spy applications or are they all premium apps?

Unfortunately, there are no free spy apps, particularly for Android Phones. On the bright side, over 65 % of these platforms offer a free trial period. Therefore, you can take advantage of this offer to gauge the spy App’s reliability.

Some of these well-regarded spying apps include:

  • mSpy
  • Flexispy
  • TheTruthSpy App

8. I’d like to receive email reports of my son’s online activity on their iPad. What’s the best spying app for me?

I highly recommend you consider using Qustodio. This App can send you daily or monthly reports of your son’s online web history. Additionally, the platform allows you to limit how long your son spends on their iPad. Remember that too much screen can damage your son’s eyes. Not to mention that too much screen time may slowly cause sleeplessness.

9. Are there any benefits of spying on my kids’ online activity? Won’t my child lose trust in me?

The child is most likely to start distrusting you, but they will appreciate what you’re doing later. We have to admit that there are immense benefits to monitoring your child’s smartphone or PC. Here are the top advantages you must appreciate.

  • Helps you avoid getting in legal trouble: imagine if your friend fell victim to cyberbullying. You’d be partly to blame in the face of the law in multiple countries. Always remember that you used your ID or SSN to register the sim card.
  • Helps enhance a child’s overall health: unknown to some, pornography and jerking off greatly deteriorates one’s mental health. It tends to tamper with one’s mental chemical balance. Therefore, cyber snooping helps a parent filter hazardous sites such as porn sites.

My Last Words

Multiple technological inventions have made mobile phone spying way easier than before. I am confident that you now know the answer to the stubborn question: how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target? However, I encourage you to spy for the right reasons and not out of malice.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.