DupliChecker Vs Speedwrite: Which is Best Paraphrasing Tool?

April 27, 2022
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DupliChecker Vs Speedwrite: Which is Best Paraphrasing Tool?

In this blog you will learn Speedwrite vs DupliChecker.

What is Speedwrite?


It is a new auto-text generator that began in 2021. All you have to do is to log in to your account and copy-paste the content. After that, scroll down and click the ‘Predict’ button. This free paraphrasing tool will scan the content and rewrite it afresh. Speedwrite is beyond doubt the best paraphrasing tool as it rewrites content in under 90 seconds.


  1. Has a sign-up form
  2. Features a log-in page
  3. The original text is on the left-hand side
  4. Re-written text is on the right-hand side of the text generator layout
  5. It has a get help webpage (Quicklink)
  6. User-friendly layout


Speedwrite provides 3 subscription options to all its customers. You’re free to choose any of the below pricing plans.

  • Monthly subscription plan
  • Semi-annual subscription plan
  • Yearly subscription plan

A monthly pricing option goes for $7.99 per client. Unfortunately, It doesn’t offer customers any discount for this subscription offer. Conversely, semi-annual subscribers only pay $6.66 as they are entitled to a 16 % discount.

Annual subscribers get an enticing discount of 37%. Consequently, they only need to pay $4.99. A better idea would be to pay $ $59.95 and use this automatic text generator stress-free for 12 months.

Speedwrite Benefits

1. Saves time

Speedwrite paraphrases online content within 80-90 seconds. All you’ll have to do is to copy and paste and click the ‘Predict’ option at the bottom left. However, you might need to use a different tool such as Grammarly for error-checking.

2. Enhances privacy

This online paraphrasing tool has a Login requirement for any of its users. Therefore, you can rest assured that your past activity is secure.

3. High quality content

If you’ve ever used Speedwrite before, you can attest to the fact that it writes high-quality work. More often than not, such content is free of both grammatical errors and plagiarism.

4. Has no captcha

There’s nothing more irritating than modern websites that use this annoying API. Speedwrite does not use this API that forces you to first prove you’re human to access the official site.

5. Fully guarantees original content

Google has a stringent zero-tolerance policy, especially for plagiarism. For this reason, bloggers have no option but to choose the best paraphrasing tool to generate fresh content. Luckily for content creators, Speedwrite generates original and well-styled content from the provided source.

6. Ads-free

Nowadays, nearly all website owners have set up AdSense on their sites to make money from them. For this reason, most online users are left with no choice but to install ad blocking extensions on their browsers.

However, you don’t have to use this extension to use Speedwrite. Unlike other modern tools, this one is strictly ads-free.


  • Highly fast
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Guarantees original content


  • One must sign up first
  • Doesn’t give a detailed report

Differences Between Speedwrite And DupliChecker

1. Pricing

DupliChecker gives clients 6 different subscription options as below:

  1. II ($10 per month)
  2. III ($15 per month)
  3. IV ($20 per month)
  4. V ($25 per month)
  5. VI ($30 per month)

On the other hand, Speedwrite offers a monthly, bi-yearly, and annual subscription option.

2. Plagiarism Check

DupliChecker is highly effective in checking for plagiarism. It gives a full plagiarism report that includes the URLs of the original content source. Unfortunately, Speedwrite doesn’t scan content for plagiarism.

3. How It Works

DupliChecker is predominantly a plagiarism checking tool that scans content and highlights all the plagiarized parts of it. However, if you upgrade to Premium, the tool can detect any existing grammatical errors. You can either upload the document file or copy-paste the content for a quick deep search.

In contrast, it is majorly an automatic text generating tool. That means that its primary role is to rewrite content. All you need to do is to highlight the content you need re-written and paste.

Speedwrite will rewrite the content on the left part of the layout. The good thing about this online paraphrasing tool is that it rewrites content in less than 90 seconds.

4. Features

DupliChecker and Speedwrite are relatively different, mainly in terms of features. For example, the former gives a detailed content report to the user. Conversely, Speedwrite does not have such a feature.

Secondly, DupliChecker has an upload file and copy and paste functionalities for its users. Therefore, the user can directly upload the file from their computer or copy and paste it for scanning.

It only features copy and paste functions for all its users. A user needs to copy and paste the content to be re-texted on this rewriting tool.

Unlike DupliChecker, Speedwrite has a log-in requirement for all its customers. Therefore, you must sign-up first to create an account.

What is DupliChecker?


Image Credit – DupliChecker.com

DupliChecker is the most user-friendly paraphrasing tool that I can recommend to you. This online tool can scan content to determine whether it’s duplicated or not. The good thing about DupliChecker is that it gives back a full report of all the URLs with similar content.

Unlike most plagiarism checking tools, DupliChecker doesn’t demand that you sign up first. Apart from that, you’re free to upload varying file types like:

  • .doc
  • .txt
  • .pdf
  • .docx


  1. Performs an accurate URL content check
  2. Strictly scans 1000-words content per time
  3. Texts appear on the left part of the layout
  4. A plagiarism report appears on the right-hand side of the layout.
  5. Paraphrases duplicated sentences
  6. Generates a PDF plagiarism check report


DupliChecker subscribers enjoy numerous pricing options. Currently, the cheapest billing option is $10 which permits you to check a maximum of 30,000 words. Basic III costs every client at least $15 every month. It allows you to check a maximum of 51,000 words.

On the other hand, Basic IV costs $20 per month and only allows you to check up to 72,000 words. I energetically recommend the Basic V pricing plan to you, If you’re a content creator. This billing option allows a user to scan a maximum of 93,000 words for only $25.

DupliChecker Benefits

1. Supports different languages

Unlike most paraphrasing languages, DupliChecker can detect plagiarism irrespective of the language. The tool will highlight any plagiarized sentence whether it’s in the English language or any other.

2. Accepts documents of different formats

Most plagiarism checkers solely accept .doc files for plagiarism checking purposes. The heartening news is that DupliChecker accepts files of various formats such as doc, txt, and PDF. However, you must ensure that the content doesn’t surpass 1000 words.

3. Saves time

DupliChecker conducts a deep search within minutes and gives back a full report. This paraphrasing tool will not only highlight plagiarized content but also indicate the source. Apart from that, you can give the content URL; instead of uploading the entire file.

However, the tool will only scan the first 1000 words for free subscribers. On the other hand, Premium subscribers can scan at least 25,000 words per upload.

4. Grammar check

DupliChecker is the most reliable tool to check for grammatical errors. More often than not, this error-checking tool will scan the content and highlight any grammatical errors. The interesting part is that the tool autocorrects some of these repeated errors.

5. Saves you money

DupliChecker offers multiple pricing options to make the tool affordable to all its clients. Therefore, you’re free to choose the subscription that best suits you financially. You can easily use DupliChecker for free as long as you’re willing to upload 1000 words at a time.

6. Highly effective for image searching

Did you forget to bookmark a photo URL? Don’t worry as you can rely on DupliChecker for a reverse image search. All you need to key in is the relevant keyword. The tool will load and generate all the related images.


  • Checks for plagiarism
  • Checks for grammatical errors
  • Correct errors instantaneously


  • Only the pro version is effective
  • Only accepts 1000 words per check


Related FAQs

1. I Took a Screenshot Of a Certain Image I Wanted to Download. Can I Use It To Search For It On DupliChecker?

Yes, you can! You’ll need to visit www.duplicheker.com and select the Reverse Image Search section. All you’ll have to do is upload the screenshot from your computer. A better option would be to drop the screenshot to initiate the image search.

2. I Prefer to Use DupliChecker to Edit My Documents. Is It Possible to Edit a 25,000-Word File?

Yes, it is! However, you’ll have to upgrade your subscription to Premium. You can either choose Basic IV or the custom plan. Usually, DupliChecker’s Basic IV allows a maximum of 72,000 words. On the other hand, a Pro I subscription will cost you $ 55 and can accept content of up to 239,000.

3. I Would Like to Paraphrase a 500-Word Blog on Speedwrite. Will It Generate Original Content?

Yes, it will! Speedwrite won’t just re-write the blog for you but equally checks its own text for plagiarism. If you don’t believe it, you can use other tools like Grammarly to check for originality.

4. I Would Like to Scan My Document for Plagiarism. Which Plagiarism Checker Doesn’t Have a Mandatory Log in Requirement?

The best plagiarism checking tool has to be DupliChecker. Unlike most modern paraphrasing tools, the checker doesn’t require you to sign up to use this platform. All you have to do is copy and paste your content for checking. The good thing though is that the platform upholds your privacy by not keeping track of your past activities.

5. I Have a. Docx File That I Need To Check Using a Plagiarism Detector. Can I Use a DupliChecker?

Yes, you can! DupliChecker supports several file formats such as docx,.pdf among many more. Therefore, you’re free to upload your .docx file to scan your document for, both plagiarism and grammatical errors.

6. I Write Some Of My Blogs In French. Can I Rely On Speedwrite For Paraphrasing?

Yes, you can! However, Speedwrite works best in the English language. On the bright side though, this paraphrasing tool works relatively well in other languages such as French and Spanish.

7. Do I Have to Enable JavaScript to Use DupliChecker?

Yes, you do! JavaScript helps to ensure that all the features of DupliChecker function properly. Apart from that, it enables the page to load much more quickly as it lowers the time taken by other programming languages to load the webpage. For this reason, we highly encourage you to enable JS on your browser first.

8. My Speedwriter’s Predictions Start But Never Finish. What Should I Do?

Well, there are multiple problems that could be causing this problem. For example, probably, your internet connection isn’t stable enough. Another possible cause maybe your computer that doesn’t support modern websites. Feel free to visit Socket Test to find out more possible problems and solutions to this error.

My Take

In conclusion, as a blogger, you no longer have a reason to complain whenever Google penalizes you for posting plagiarized content. It’s upon you to choose the best paraphrasing tool for you to avoid a stiff penalty.

I strongly encourage you to run your blogs on a premium plagiarism checker before you post them. If the plagiarism report indicates more than 5 percent, it’s best you paraphrase the entire blog. Read our another software review & tips blogs.

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Howdy, My self John Marshall. I am the Founder at Web Root Support Number. I am a professional blogger with 5 years of experience. Here, I provide helpful and detailed information about various software products. The aim of this website is to help users make informed decisions about the software they use.